Legislative Issues & Talking Points

Michigan Pharmacists Association (MPA) and Michigan Pharmacy PAC work diligently to protect pharmacist's interests, practice and patients. As such, a number of issues take priority for the promotion and preservation of pharmacy. The Association's annual legislative priorities are listed below. 

In addition, the following section provides information about specific issues that MPA is focusing attention on, including pharmacist talking points for use in advocacy efforts.

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2018 Legislative Priorities
The following details MPA’s legislative priorities in 2018. Also, click here to access a printable legislative priorities sheet.

Michigan Legislative Agenda

Michigan Legislative Agenda

  • Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) Transparency: Educate policymakers on healthcare reimbursement and work to facilitate fair business environments by promoting legislation that addresses issues such as prescription drug pricing and reimbursement, fair audit practices, mandatory-mail order programs and PBM transparency.
  • Opioid Epidemic: Work with stakeholders to create and pass public health policy, including the utilization and reporting methods implemented to decrease diversion and keep patients safe, while also maintaining access to medications for appropriate use.
  • Interchangeable Biologic Substitution: HB 4472 (Public Act 41) was signed into law March 1, 2018, and is effective May 29, 2018.
  • Immunizations: Work with stakeholders to ensure that patients have access to immunizations. Additionally, educate policy makers on the importance of pharmacists to provide accessibility to vaccinations in the community.
  • Medication Safety: Educate policymakers on the importance of promoting and supporting a culture of safety while emphasizing the potential negative impacts to healthcare that occur when medication errors are not reported due to a punitive environment.
  • Emergency Preparedness: Work with stakeholder groups to ensure that qualified individuals have the ability to participate in protecting communities during unforeseen events and are afforded the same professional immunity as other emergency responders. Ensure that pharmacies have the ability to operate, provide care and acquire medications through the proper channels during emergencies.

Federal Legislative Agenda

Federal Legislative Agenda

  • Direct and Indirect Remuneration (DIR) Fees: Support national efforts to limit the inappropriate use of DIR fees as a method of recouping dollars from pharmacies after a claim has been adjudicated. 
  • Provider Status: Work with national organizations and pharmacy stakeholders to support access of pharmacy services to patients through the recognition of pharmacists as providers under Medicare Part B.
  • Reimbursement: Support national efforts to improve the frequency of updates to drug pricing standards, expand upon Medicare’s any willing pharmacy provisions and increase transparency requirements for PBMs.

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Patient Access to Pharmacist Services (Provider Status)

Provider status in medically underserved areas will allow pharmacists to provide sustainable health care services to Medicare patients who are most dramatically affected by the primary care provider shortage.

Click here for printable talking points on pharmacist provider status.

Additional Pharmacy Issues
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