Local Associations

What is a Local Association? 
Michigan Pharmacists Association (MPA) members are enrolled in a local association as part of their MPA membership to build relationships with those in certain areas of the state. You must be an active member of MPA to belong to a local association.

Local associations adopting approved bylaws and maintaining a compliant status are eligible for all privileges and services of an affiliated local association, including operational funding from the Association for each member designating that organization as their local.

Click on the map at the right to explore the different local associations across the state. If you do not select a local when signing up for your membership, MPA matches you to a local association closest to your home address on record. Those members who live in an area with no active local association (areas of the state that are white on the corresponding map) may choose any local association.

How Do I Designate My Local Association?
If you are unsure which local you are a part of or would like to designate a specific local, contact the MPA office at (517) 484-1466.

What is the Local Association Development Committee (LADC)?
LADC exists as a joint Committee of the House of Delegates and MPA Executive Board, with the Vice Speaker serving as chair and a minimum of six delegates with a maximum of one delegate from each active local association appointed by the Speaker. This Committee serves as a resource to assist locals in continuing to be viable organizations and maintain their compliant status. Locals forward their meeting and activity information to the MPA office throughout the year, where it is maintained, and LADC ensures that locals meet the minimum requirements to be recognized as active. The Committee also assists those who are looking to re-activate an inactive local or start a new local. For additional information, please contact LADC at LADC@MichiganPharmacists.org.

2018 Local Association Development Committee Members

Mark Bomia, chair

Melody Arnst, MPA staff liaison

Alison Gravelin

Sarah Lerchenfeldt

Daniel Lobb

Danielle Rumph

Heather Schalk

Stacey Uganski

Local Association Officers
Each local association has their own set of officers. You must be a member of MPA to view local officer information and contact details. If you are a member, click on the black bars that appear below for more information and to access contact information for local officers.

Capital Area Pharmacists Association (CAPA)

CAPA website
CAPA Facebook page

Sarah Eagleston, chairman, sarah.eagleston@sparrow.org

Jennifer Momber, president, jennifer.momber@sparrow.org

Katie Wenstrom, president-elect, katiewenstrom@gmail.com

Amber Schalk, secretary, amberdemuth2@gmail.com

Curtis Smith, treasurer, CurtisSmith@ferris.edu

Ann Kluck, resident agent, akluck@diplomat.is

Dominic Iacobellis, manufacturers liaison, iacobeld@aol.com

Cathy Edick, MSHP liaison, cathleen.edick@mclaren.org

Brian Wilson, MSPT liaison, Loverboi76@live.com

Kim Betters, kimberly.betters@sparrow.org

Amber Schalk, amberdemuth2@gmail.com

Eleni Butzin, ecb19@comcast.net

Eric Liu, EricL@MichiganPharmacists.org

Christopher Norello, hncn1987@yahoo.com

Gregory Pratt, gap_711@comcast.net

Julie Terenzi, j_brock06@yahoo.com

Genesee County Pharmacists Association (GCPA)

GCPA website

GCPA Facebook page
Follow GCPA on Twitter

Joseph Leonard, chairman, joeleonard8@comcast.net

Jason Williamson, president, jason.williamson@genesys.org

Mike Phalen, president-elect, mphalen@diplomat.is

Stephen Lott, treasurer, stlott@med.umich.edu

Stephanie LaPointe, secretary, slapointe@diplomat.is

Mike Crowe, MPA Board liaison, mcrowe@mypharmacistnow.com

Erica Adhikary, MSPT representative, eborough@umflint.edu

James Aylmer, jim.aylmer@walgreens.com

Valarie Franklin, MSCP representative, vfranklin429@gmail.com

Kanika Kapoor, kkapoor@diplomat.is

Chris Meny, cmeny@mibluecrosscomplete.com

Sandra May, smay@diplomat.is

Tony Lin, tlin@diplomat.is

Steve Gianetti, giannet4@outlook.com

Great Lakes Bay Pharmacy Association

Great Lakes Bay Pharmacy Association website

Paul Thill, chairman, thillp@ferris.edu

Jennifer Jarvis, president, jennifermpollock@gmail.com

Jill Covyeou, secretary, jillcovyeou@ferris.edu

Erin Weiss, treasurer, ErinMarieWeiss@gmail.com

Jackson Area Pharmacy Association

Michael Sanborn, president, mjsanborn@tc3net.com

Kyle Kronemeyer, president-elect, kylerph@comcast.net

JoAnn Sanborn, secretary, hudsonrx@tc3net.com

Chresteen Reuter, treasurer, chresreuter@hotmail.com

Kent County Pharmacists Association (KCPA)

KCPA Facebook Page

Casey Kamps, president, caseyketchum@gmail.com

Danielle Rumph, president-elect, dani.rumph@gmail.com

Amanda Eardley, secretary, amanda.eardley@me.com

Ross Eardley, secretary, eardspharm@gmail.com

Susan DeVuyst-Miller, treasurer, devuystmiller@gmail.com

Charlie Mollien, MPA Board liaison, charlie.mollien@meijer.com

Michael Koelzer, mike@kaypharmacy.com

Thomas Magnifico, tmagnifico57@gmail.com

Michael Rose, amrose1997@gmail.com

Michelle Sahr, sahrm@ferris.edu

Lisa Schuurmans, lisaschuurmans@yahoo.com

Macomb County Pharmacists Association

Thomas Wesley, chairman

Eric Ross, past-president, eross11@wideopenwest.com

Richard Pazin, president, goofygrandpa23@yahoo.com

Earl Hegeman, secretary, earjud@yahoo.com

John Gawryk, treasurer, gawryk@wowway.com

MPA-Upper Peninsula Division

Ryan Greenly, chairman, greenlr@ferris.edu

Steve Wallner, president, SteveJWallner@gmail.com

Renee Koski, vice president, renee.koski@mghs.org

Carole Banos, secretary, carole.banos@va.gov

David Campana, treasurer, dcampana@charter.net

Tracey Bershing, traceybershing@charter.net

Karen Fenton, kfenton@portagehealth.org

Tyler Jenema, tjenema@penpharm.com

Blake Kennedy, kennedb7@ferris.edu

Heidi Peterson, kari.waise@va.gov

Kari Waise, donotfeartomorrow@gmail.com

Northern Michigan Pharmacists Association

John Ochs, chairman, jforph@gmail.com

Jennifer Kuivinen, president, japrph26@gmail.com

Gene Hancock, president-elect, bghancock@charter.net

Ann Gregor, secretary, anngregor@comcast.net

James Kelbel, treasurer, james@kelbelpharmacy.com

Mona McLain, director, mona.mclain@gmail.com

Lani Ochs, director, laniochsrph@gmail.com

Northwestern Michigan Pharmacists Association

Keith Gaede, chairperson, keitharph@chartermi.net

Kathleen Jones, president, kathyannjones2@gmail.com

James Michutka, president-elect, jamesmichutka@aol.com

Patricia Michutka, treasurer, triciahanel@aol.com

Alison Gravelin, secretary, agravelin@gmail.com

Doreen Kern, MPA Board liaison, kerndori2@charter.net

Oakland County Pharmacists Association (OCPA)

E-mail: oaklandpharm@gmail.com

Dale Tucker, chairperson, dtucker@dmc.org

Sarah Lerchenfeldt, president, smg0385@aol.com

Suzan Kucukarslan, past-president, skucukar@gmail.com

Melanie Nickerson, secretary, melanie.ann.nickerson@gmail.com

Robert Dunsky, treasurer, rxrdunsky@yahoo.com

Wejdan Azzou, wejdan.azzou@comcast.net

Chad Downing, chad.downing@walgreens.com

Donald Fraser, donfraserrph@hotmail.com

Arif Khan, arif@wayne.edu

Mariam Saco, meme_saco@yahoo.com

Thanh Ta, emailthanhta@gmail.com

Hanadi Thomas, sbrng201@aol.com

Ione Walker, pharma@thewynngroup.net

Southwest Michigan Pharmacists Association (SWMPA)

SWMPA website

William Urfer, chairman, weu123@aol.com

Nichole Cover, president, nichole.penny@walgreens.com

Barbara Deibert, president-elect, bdeibert@charter.net

Janet Urfer, secretary, weu123@aol.com

Gregory Deibert, treasurer, gdeibert46@charter.net

Julie Koppers, julie.ritter@wmich.edu

Kenneth Manley, kenmanley@hotmail.com

Nancy Syswerda

Wayne County Pharmacists Association (WCPA)

WCPA Facebook Page
Follow WCPA on Twitter

Jessica Efta, chairman, jmtraster@gmail.com

Daniel Lobb, president, gandalf480@aol.com

Stephanie Everard, president-elect, sleverard@att.net

Mark Bomia, treasurer, mdbrph@earthlink.net

John Mohler, resident agent, jmohler@oaklawnhospital.com

Ghada Abdallah, ghada@parkpharmrx.com

Gregory Baise, gbaiserph@gmail.com

Frank Bazzani, bazzanif1@yahoo.com

Erin Beattie, counslrerin@yahoo.com

Keith Binion, kbinionrx@gmail.com

Ashley Builta, ashley.builta@gmail.com

Joseph Fakhoury, jfakhoury20@gmail.com

Alison Gravelin, agravelin@gmail.com

Sarah Hill, sarah2950@yahoo.com

Robert Jarosz, jaroszr@oakwood.org

Stephen Kaurala, skaural1@hfhs.org

Alex Mchawrab, anmchawrab78@yahoo.com

Matthew McTaggart, m.mctaggart@wayne.edu

Insaf Mohammed, chairman, imohamma@dmc.org

Libin Philip, lphilip@diplomat.is

Thomas Rolands, tfrolands@gmail.com

Nicole Rumao, rumaonic@gmail.com

Douglas Samojedny, dsamoje1@hfhs.org

Sandra Taylor, sandra.taylor@beaumont.org




Western Michigan Pharmacy Association

Kenneth Fagerman, chairman, diverkf@aol.com

Marcia D’Alcorn, president, starboard2732@comcast.net

Stacey Uganski, secretary, uganski@gmail.com

Mary Bennett, treasurer, mary_bennett@spartanstores.com

Gerald Rodgers, chairman, mrandmrsfarmer@yahoo.com

Bill Overcamp