Michigan Pharmacy Foundation (MPF) was established as an initiative of Michigan Pharmacists Association (MPA) in 1993. The Foundation seeks to advance pharmacy through education, practice innovation and research focused on patient care, for the improvement and promotion of public health and public education. 

The mission of Michigan Pharmacy Foundation (MPF) is to advance pharmacy leadership, education and research, and to promote pharmacy practice to the highest level of patient care.

During its first four years, contributors known as the Founder’s Club donated a minimum $1,000 each to help launch the Foundation. Since then, MPF has awarded more than $200,000 in grant funding for projects that advance the profession; supported the future of pharmacy through more than $75,000 in student pharmacist scholarships; and developed leadership programs that equip young practitioners with the skills and resources they need to lead others and the profession.

Over the years, the Foundation has embarked on many initiatives to continue leading the profession into a positive future. In addition, MPF holds events to raise funds for grant, scholarship and program support and to encourage mentoring relationships and motivate pharmacy professionals to advance their chosen profession. Be sure to visit the MPA events calendar to browse for any upcoming events, and don't forget to explore our grant opportunities.

The Foundation also sponsors an MPA award to encourage community involvement. The Fred W. Arnold Public Relations Award is presented at the MPA Annual Convention & Exposition each year to recognize outstanding achievement and dedication to the pharmacy profession through public service and education.

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MPF Board of Trustees

Foundation fundraising and programs are directed by the MPF Board of Trustees. This group of pharmacy leaders meets approximately three times throughout the year, including an annual planning retreat, to organize activities of the Foundation. The Board of Trustees holds the following responsibilities:

  • endeavor to uphold the mission of MPF: to advance pharmacy leadership, education and research, and to promote pharmacy practice to the highest level of patient care.
  • attend scheduled Board meetings.
  • participate in an annual Strategic Planning Retreat.
  • attend scheduled special MPF events such as the Golf Classic, Gala, etc.
  • review, approve and direct project funding.
  • support MPF staff with fundraising projects, including onsite assistance and help in securing participants and sponsorships.
  • make an annual personal contribution at a level that is meaningful to the individual Board member.

2014 MPF Board of Trustees

Carrie Germain, chair Susan Erickson
Charlie Mollien, vice-chair Keith Gaede
Jim Vander Linde, treasurer Marie Kadlec
Larry Wagenknecht, secretary John Ochs
David Bach Cherie Reynolds
John Brubaker Ed Szandzik
Phil Early Richard Tuttle
Kathy Engstrom  

Please visit the nominations page to submit a nomination for the MPF Board of Trustees. Or, complete a printable nomination form and return it to MPF by mail to 408 Kalamazoo Plaza, Lansing, MI 48933; e-mail to Kristen@MichiganPharmacists.org; or fax to (517) 484-4893. Officers are elected by the Board of Trustees. Nominations are due Sept. 1 of each year and appointments are made in October.

MPF Annual Report

The Foundation prepares an Annual Report to provide an overview of activities for the year, recognize outgoing Trustees, highlight scholarships and grants awarded, and acknowledge generous donors. Click here to view the current MPF Annual Report.

MPF Online Marketplace

This portal is the doorway to more than 1,000 online stores, each that will donate a portion of every sale to MPF. Click here to enter the marketplace.

MPF Donors

Thank you to the following 2013 MPF donors. Your support of both the pharmacy profession and the Foundation is sincerely appreciated.

Diamond Mortar and Pestle Club ($10,000 +)

Jeff and Dianne Miller James Vander Linde
James Richards Andrew Young
Jana Robinson  


Platinum Mortar and Pestle Club ($5,000-$9,999)

Grant Brown David Poirer
Donald Coon Larry and Amy Wagenknecht
Denise Markstrom  


Gold Mortar and Pestle Club ($1,000-$4,999)

Michael Anderson Paul Jensen
Robert Armstrong Timothy Kirk
Brian Baars Margaret Malovrh
David Bach Gordon McNeill
Greg and Rose Baran Karen Miron
James Bock John Ochs
John Brubaker Todd Raehtz
Megan Buchinger Chresteen Reuter
Mary Burkhardt Gerald Rodgers
Heather Christensen Jeffrey Rowe
Larry Cowden Michael and JoAnn Sanborn
Michael Crowe Jack Schick
William Drake Frederick Schmidt
Stephen Durst Harvey Schmidt
Stephen Ehardt Carol Stutrud
Terry Ensign Mary Summers
Rema Farran La Vone Swanson
Herman Fishman Brian Swartz
Keith Gaede Edward Szandzik
Rick and Carrie Germain Michael Toscano
William Green Dale Tucker
Jennifer Hagerman Jim Tussey
Philip Hagerman Richard Tuttle
Robert Jarosz  


Silver Mortar and Pestle Club ($500-$999)

Oliver Aldridge James Lile
Leah Ball Richard Lucarotti
Jeffrey Bates Karen Mankowski
James Bebb Abi Masha-Moss
Roger Beckley Patrick McKercher
Robert Boyko Ronald Melaragni
Thomas Bradley John Mohler
Gerry Colby Ellen Munro
Stephen Czerkes Frederick Nelson
Timothy Davidson Peter Niedbala
Susan DeVuyst-Miller Mary O'Connell
William Dudewicz, Jr. Ruth Opdycke
Michael Elenich Robert Phetteplace
Kathleen Engstrom Derek Quinn
Pam Farley Cherie Reynolds
Kevin Foster Joan Rider-Becker
Kae French Carmel Schwalm
Patrick Gavin Rodney Sharp
Debbie Gustafson Patricia Smeelink
Robert Herbst Christopher Smith
William Himelberger Geralynn Smith
Robert Hodges Thomas Spoelman
David Jasperse Sandra Taylor
Karen Jonas Jeffrey VanWormer
Paul Keckonen Kari Vavra
Suzanne Keeley William Walker
Katina Kendall Steven Ware
Thomas Klaasen Gary Wesley
Anne Kozal Kristy Withrow
Renee Lasichak  

Bronze Mortar and Pestle Club ($100-$499)

Joseph Alessi Deanna Groeneweg Joseph Romph
David Allen Jonida Hackovija Robert Rowe
Ryan Bickel Paul Hammerly Nada Saad
Wanda Blount Nabil Henein Douglas Samojedny
Denise Bluhm-Heise Lisa Herz Donald Sang
Richard Braidwood Ralph Heuerman Mary Schaefer
Kathleen Brown Anthony Hunter Randal Schmidt
Hope Broxterman John Jenner Julie Schrantz
Linda Bubenko Craig Jones Katie Seino
Catherine Canham David Kalis Melody Shanbaum
James Carpenter Thomas Kennedy Pamela Siebenaller-Rose
Diane Chancey Paul Kersh Glenn Sievert
Jennifer Chesser Ann Kluck Lindsay Simonetti
Patricia Cole Ronald Knoth Amy Smendik
Randy Cole Terri Koehler Michael Smith
George Corcoran David Kops Richard Sobak
Kathleen Dantes Rodney LaPointe Fadi Sobh
Philip Dast Stephanie LaPointe James Steward
Linda DeLaura Christopher LeFave Linda Strausbaugh
Michael Delpiere Joseph Leonard Mary Szczerbinski
Lori Dettloff Kenneth Manley Theodore Toland
Ronald Devers Washdev Mata Beth Tomac
Kirk Diamond Joe McQueen Thomas Tomaski
Thomas Dillon Neal Miller Garry Turner
Raymond Dorhout Larry Mizelle William Urfer
Allison Drake Suit Moy-Sandusky Ellen Vanstee
Robert Dunsky Paul Mylenek Paul Walker
Douglas Ettema Martin Newman Kenny Walkup Jr.
Ali Fakih James O'Donnell Marshall Wehr
Susan Fehr Evangelia Pallas Stephan Wilcox
Martha Fisher Allan Passerman Trey Williams
Steven Fountain Nichole Penny Shelly Wolverton
Howard Garvin Susan Petty Henry Yee
Lindsey Ghiringhelli Patrick Quinn Lloyd Young
Elaine Greenhow Eric Roath Maria Young
Nicholas Greiner Jill Robinson Frank Zaran
Jonathan Grice Mark Rohde Sandra Zori


Contributor's Club ($0-$100)

Jeffrey Ackerman Tonya Hauck Stephanie Patten
Aimee Alimboyoguen Chad Henderson Keith Patterson
Linda Almassy David Hergott Susan Pennell
Rosilyn Andrews Sandra Hickey Joshua Petersen
Robert Angonese Karolyn Horn Mindy Prasad
Katie Axford Donald Jacks Colleen Robinson
Marie Ayoub Marilyn Jen Neil Robinson
Soukaina Ayoub Tyler Jenema Cynthia Rowe
Brandon Beaver Horace Johns Claire Saadeh
Robert Bell Neil Johnson Sara Sabir
Keith Binion Alexa Jones Lisa Salvati
Joseph Blumenthal Elizabeth Kereji Kiela Samuels
Karen Bochinski Karen Kersh Noreen Schira
Janna Brenner Hassan Khreizat Wayne Seiler
Teresa Breslin John Kossak Lindsey Sims
Vicky Bright Kristen Kozlowski Catherine Smith
Barry Brown Claudia Kurzawa Ella Smith
Shalonda Byrd Daniel Kusk Kaitlyn Smith
Nofal Cholag Kevin Kwan Kathryn Spinniken
Diana Cooper Kirsten Lamb Daniel Stayer
Jonathon Covyeou Elizabeth Laswell Michael Stephan
Timothy Criner Hetty Lima Betty Steward
Marie Culver Bridget Long Holly Stos
Sarah Dankert Adam Loyson Jacqueline Stratton
Roberta Davis Nadwa Makke Casey Sullivan
Coral Dunnings Michael Mankowski Jason Taylor
Connie Durance Lori Mann Keith Thomas
Brenda Duso Beatriz Manzor Mitrzyk Rachel Trombley
Angela Eiler Jim Marleau Janet Urfer
Timothy Ekola Marilen Martinez Teresa Vigor
Kimberly Faistenhammer Tamara Mason Mark Wagner
Timothy Findley Cathy Meagher Linda Webb
Marjorie Fisher Heather Meyers Christopher Weeks
Linda Freeborn Kathryn Milanowski Scott Wheeldon
Olivia Garavaglia Kimberly Monteyne Kyle Wilhelm
Justin Gensel Theresa Mozug Dana Woityra
Glenn Glaser Ryan Nolan Tesfaye Yadeta
Lynn Glaser Delores Norton Joe Younan
Terry Gottschall Victoria Oliver  
Joan Grubbs Cheryl Parker  
Mark Gustafson Monica Parker  




Adopt-a-Student Program

The Foundation Adopt-a-Student program provides an opportunity for student pharmacists to connect with experienced, practicing pharmacy professionals to network, develop potential long-term mentors and gain valuable advice for their future career. The program also provides an opportunity for current practitioners to learn fresh, new ideas from up-and-coming pharmacists and to have an impact on the future of the profession by instilling knowledge in those who are just beginning their journey in pharmacy.

2014 Participation
If you are registering for the 2014 MPA Annual Convention & Exposition, consider adopting a student! One ticket can be purchased for $100, and two can be purchased for $175, with your Annual Convention registration. Your Adopt-a-Student payment is 100 percent eligible as a charitable contribution under IRS rules. A receipt will be mailed to you for your tax records. If payment is made to MPA and/or is made with a credit card, the payment will not be eligible for a tax-deductible receipt. 

Student registration for the Adopt-a-Student program closed on Jan. 26, 2014.

If you have any questions or would like to find out more about the Adopt-a-Student program, please contact Allison Drake, MPA director of marketing, at (517) 377-0241 or Allison@MichiganPharmacists.org.

Capital Campaign

The Foundation launched its first ever Capital Campaign in 2010 to fund three primary objectives: leadership and management training and support; scholarships for education and experiential development; and innovations in practice. The financial goal of the Campaign is to raise $1.5 million over five years.

In 2010, the Michigan Joint Commission on Pharmacy Practice was struck with a realization: in order to continue moving this profession forward, it was imperative to develop more pharmacy leaders and business experts. Certainly, with outside forces affecting how we do business and the health of our communities continually declining, it was time to pull together all our resources and our collective brainpower to take control and make a difference, for our profession, for our communities and for our future.

All over the state, pharmacy partners quickly took notice and took action. The decision of the Foundation was to build a home for that imperative leadership development, and a Capital Campaign to fund its creation and programming was launched. After a successful first round of fundraising, the Robinson Leadership Center was established.

The Foundation believes in empowerment, engagement, education and action, and one thing’s for certain: we’re stronger when we work together. And that’s why we need you. Your involvement is crucial. We’re stronger when we all decide that now is the time to take action. Join us today.

Consider making a long-term pledge or a simple, one-time gift to the Foundation. Click here to access the pledge form. Fill out the form, print and fax to (517) 484-4893. For additional information regarding the Capital Campaign, please contact Dianne Miller, MPF executive director, at (517) 377-0223.

For more information on the Capital Campaign, please visit the Campaign page.

Operation Care Package Michigan Item Collection

In conjunction with the 2014 MPA Annual Convention & Exposition, Michigan Pharmacy Foundation (MPF) is partnering with a new charitable giving organization. This year, the Foundation has chosen to support Operation Care Package Michigan, an organization dedicated to supporting men and women who are serving our country. The organization puts together care packages based on military troops’ wish lists and then sends them to troops that are deployed overseas.

Please support the efforts of Operation Care Package Michigan by bringing an item from their wish list with you to the Annual Convention, Feb. 28-March 2 at the Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center. Wish list items include beef jerky, batteries, hard candy, cough drops, dental floss, disposable razors, saline nose spray, socks (black, brown or green), toilet paper, zip lock bags, energy or granola bars, fast food sauce packets, Tylenol or Advil, trail mix, t-shirts, small stuffed animals, moist towelettes, etc. A full list of items on the wish list can be found online.

Monetary donations to the organization will go toward supporting a soldier or purchasing items to put into a care package. To purchase one care package, $15 is all it takes. To support a soldier for six months, it’s just $90 and to support a soldier for a year, it’s $180. If you cannot bring items to include in care packages with you to the Convention, please consider making a monetary contribution.

All items or monetary donations can be brought to the Mackinac Ballroom on Level 5 of the Detroit Marriott. Should you have any questions regarding this MPF initiative, please contact Director of Marketing Allison Drake at Allison@MichiganPharmacists.org.

Stuff the Bus: Personal Care Because We Care Donation Drive

From 2010-2013, the Foundation launched a personal care donation drive in conjunction with the MPA Annual Convention & Exposition to assist families in need. Pharmacy professionals and others from around the state donated personal care items for those who are in need. This is just one way that that Foundation and Michigan pharmacy professionals are reaching out to care for patients and those who need support and encouragement.

The Foundation sent out communications to MPA members regarding the donation drive, where to bring donations, when donations will be accepted and what items they are in need of.

All donated items were given to Michigan-based charities. A few of the local charities that received items in the past include Mother Waddles Perpetual Mission, Fort Street Presbyterian Church, Coalition on Temporary Shelter (C.O.T.S.), Detroit Area School Programs, St. Cecelia and St. Leo Homeless Shelters, AIDS Partnership of Michigan and organizations supporting homeless veterans.

The Foundation's Stuff the Bus drive collected and donated more than 3,000 pounds of items to those in need.

Young Practitioner Leadership Academy

In 2012, one of the projects that emerged from MPA’s Strategic Planning Retreat involved the creation of leadership programs. MPF made the decision to develop a new comprehensive leadership academy to help accomplish this project, attract new participants and offer an improved format that better fits the busy schedule of a new practitioner.

The Young Practitioner Leadership Academy is a year-long program aimed at developing a class of young practitioners equipped and motivated to lead others and the profession in the years ahead. The program consists of face-to-face workshops, monthly online webinars and ongoing chat forums facilitated by Academy faculty and MPA staff.

To be eligible for the Academy, a pharmacist must be licensed for 10 or fewer years. Pharmacists from all practice settings are welcome to apply. Leadership Academy participants will be selected by MPA and MPF on the basis of the following considerations:

  • leadership potential
  • involvement in college student activities and/or professional organizations
  • community activities
Membership in MPA is not a requirement for selection, but it is preferred.

The tuition fee to participate in the year-long Academy is $1,000. An application for the 2014-15 class will be available in the summer of 2014.

For additional information regarding the Academy, please contact Larry Wagenknecht, MPF chief executive officer, at (517) 377-0226 or Larry@MichiganPharmacists.org.

The second class of YPLA participants began their journey through the year-long leadership program in September 2013. The new class of participants is listed below.

  • Karina Abdallah, senior clinical pharmacist, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, Farmington
  • Mina Alsaraf, clinical pharmacist, pharmacoeconomics,
    Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, Sterling Heights
  • Courtney Biehl, pharmacy team leader, Meijer Pharmacy, Grand Rapids
  • Kasey Bucher, clinical pharmacist, emergency medicine, Mercy Health Saint Mary’s, Grand Rapids
  • Jill Covyeou, associate professor, Ferris State University College of Pharmacy, Essexville
  • Jane Crawford, pharmacist/clinical pharmacist, University of Michigan Hospitals and Health Centers, Dexter
  • Danielle Geisenhaver, director of pharmacy, McLaren Drug Shop - Homecare Group, Saginaw
  • Tom George, clinical pharmacist specialist, Detroit Medical Center, Sinai-Grace Hospital, Livonia
  • Casey Kamps (Ketchum), pharmacist, Spartan Stores, Wyoming
  • Jona Lekura, clinical pharmacist specialist, Detroit Medical Center, Sinai-Grace Hospital, Canton
  • Nicole McCrumb, pharmacist in charge, Carson Apothecary, Pewamo
  • James Miller, clinical pharmacy specialist, University of Michigan Hospitals and Health Centers, Plymouth
  • Connor Norviel, pharmacy systems and purchasing associate, Genesys Regional Medical Center, Grand Blanc
  • Julie Pardy, clinical pharmacist, Spectrum Health, Ada
  • Eric Roath, fellow of clinical services and association management, Michigan Pharmacists Association, Lansing
  • Blake Robitaille, staff pharmacist, Walgreens, Dorr
  • Kristin Schuelke (Lambrix), staff pharmacist, Park Pharmacy, Detroit
  • Eric Smithhart, pharmacy manager, Walgreens, Hudsonville
  • Jacqueline Stratton, pharmacist, retail floater, Spartan Stores, Lawton



Charity Auction (February)

This event is held during the Michigan Pharmacists Association Annual Convention & Exposition. The Charity Auction serves as one of the main attractions of the Convention, offering unique items and experiences, such as vacation packages, themed baskets, sporting event tickets, autographed memorabilia, jewelry and more. Attendees have the opportunity to bid on available items or take advantage of the Buy it Now option. If you'd like to contribute an item or donation to the MPF Charity Auction, please complete a donation form.

MPF and Pharmacy PAC Golf Classic (June)

This event, held in conjunction with Michigan Pharmacy PAC, occurs in June each year. This fun, unique event offers the opportunity for participants to benefit two organizations that support the profession of pharmacy. In addition to a round of golf, attendees enjoy continental breakfast, lunch at the turn, access to the putting green and practice range, various contests and an awards ceremony. There are also sponsorship opportunities available for this event.

Gala (August)

This event serves as an opportunity for pharmacy professionals, friends of pharmacy, current and past donors, and trustees to gather in support of the Foundation. The Gala has varied from year to year, but generally includes h’ors d’oeuvres, beverages, dinner and a brief presentation to honor Foundation donors. The 2013 MPF Gala also served as a 20th anniversary celebration for the Foundation.

Fall Fundraiser (November)

The Foundation typically holds a fundraiser in the fall of each year. In the past, the Foundation has held a Chili Cook-off as well as a Fall Fest event. Fall Fest featured a Chili Cook-off as well as a marketplace with a variety of vendors and a Kids Korner with supervised activities. Chili was served in sample sizes and attendees voted for their favorites with donations that benefited MPF activities. Attendees also had the opportunity to browse through a marketplace with a variety of vendors, such as Tupperware, Tastefully Simple, Chloe + Isabel Jewelry, Thirty-One bags and Pampered Chef. Vendors supported the Foundation by contributing products for the MPF Charity Auction in February or donating a portion of their sales.



For more information on the Foundation, please contact MPA Chief Operations Officer Dianne Miller at (517) 377-0223 or Dianne@MichiganPharmacists.org.

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