MedImpact Issues Memo on Obsolete National Drug Code Audit
posted: 04/06/2011

Last week, MPA sent out a fax blast to independent pharmacies regarding an obsolete National Drug Code (NDC) audit memo sent out by MedImpact on Tuesday, March 1. The audit period of December 2010 was missing from this letter. The letter was sent to approximately 1,000 pharmacies. This included 12 pharmacies (14 total claims) in Michigan.

An individual at one of the pharmacy co-ops forwarded the letter to their member list. Hundreds of pharmacies and physician offices received the letter that should not have.

The following FAQs are being sent out to all pharmacies that contact MedImpact regarding this audit:
  • What is the definition of an obsolete drug? How does MedImpact get these NDCs?
    MedImpact used the obsolete date provided by First Data Bank (FDB). Per FDB, an obsolete drug date is the date or estimated date (per manufacturer or Food and Drug Administration notification) on which an NDC is discontinued, no longer marketed, no longer produced, no longer distributed or otherwise made unavailable on the market.

  • What “fill dates” does the audit cover?
    The audit covers December 2010. MedImpact selected obsolete NDCs that were more than 340 days in the past.

  • Why is MedImpact auditing these NDCs?
    MedImpact and MedImpact clients have found obsolete NDCs on their reports and have asked questions. Medicare Part D clients were concerned about potentially false claim information being sent to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. MedImpact wanted to make its pharmacy stakeholders aware of the obsolete NDCs currently being adjudicated. Some pharmacies may need to update the NDCs being used in their stores software or may have to revisit their policies on validating the NDC on the bottle used to fill a prescription and the NDC selected for adjudication.

  • If MedImpact reverses the claim, what can I/we do?
    The pharmacy may fax an appeal to Sandy Connell, fraud, waste and abuse manager for MedImpact, at (858) 790-6051. If the bottle is still on the shelf, please copy the NDC and expiration date on the bottle and fax the copy along with the NDC list attached to the e-mail sent by MedImpact. If there was an error in data entry, let MedImpact know. An auditor will call and help you resubmit the claim with the correct NDCs. No claims were found in the obsolete NDC audit.


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