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Michigan Pharmacists Association (MPA) distributes a variety of publications to its membership to keep them informed of practice updates, unique involvement opportunities, innovative practice concepts and much more. In addition, the Association provides continuing education home study articles. 

If you are interested in contributing an article to one of our publications for consideration, please be sure to read the appropriate guidelines below and submit your article using the electronic form provided.  Or, e-mail your submission to

MPA Publications

Michigan Pharmacist

Michigan Pharmacist is the official journal of MPA that provides important information about hot topics in pharmacy and issues facing the profession, serving as a primary reference source for pharmacists on topics like medications, reimbursement, innovative practice models, continuing education and legislative activities. Each practice section of MPA also has their own focus issue throughout the year that includes a section of articles on topics or resources that are relevant to their practice area. Michigan Pharmacist

is mailed to members the first week of January, April, July and October.   

New Practitioner Profiles

New Practitioner Profiles provides recent graduates and student pharmacists the opportunity to become a published author and share information with other pharmacy professionals who are currently students or recent graduates. These profiles are often a general overview of how a practitioner got to be where they are today and provides readers with guidance, advance and wisdom for embarking on their journeys and new practitioners. 

New Practitioner Profiles are e-mailed to new practitioner and Student MPA members in February, May, August and November.

Practice Section/Affiliated Chapter Publications


MSHP Monitor

The MSHP Monitor focuses on health-system pharmacy news, clinical updates, residency articles and more. It's published by the Michigan Society of Health-System Pharmacists as a service to its members.

MSHP Monitor is e-mailed to MSHP members the 15th of each month. 

The Consultant

The Consultant provides news relevant to pharmacists practicing in the consulting field, including long-term care, managed care, nuclear pharmacy, home infusion and more. It's published by the Consultant and Specialty Pharmacists of Michigan (CSPM) as a service to its members. The Consultant is emailed to CSPM members three times per year. 

Community Connection

Community Connection provides news relevant to pharmacists practicing in the community setting. It's published by the Michigan Society of Community Pharmacists as a service to its members. Community Connection is e-mailed to MSCP members three times per year. 

Tech Connect

Tech Connect provides important information to pharmacy technicians, features technicians throughout the state, provides updates on legislation impacting technician practice and shares some fun material to get technicians thinking and help them brush up on their skills. Tech Connect is e-mailed to Michigan Society of Pharmacy Technician members three times per year.

Article Submission Form

Please use the form below to submit an article to MPA for consideration in one of the above publications! Thank you for your interest and for sharing your expertise with fellow members of the Association. If you have any questions or if you're having trouble with the form, please contact MPA at

Article Submission
Please attach the article that you are submitting for consideration. If you are already signed up as an author for a publication, you are also welcome to use this form to submit your assignment! In addition, please upload supplemental materials such as photos using the file upload selections below. If you have more materials to submit than the Web site form allows for, please submit your article and other attachments to Jamie James, MPA communications manager, at

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