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Peer Review Sign-Up

The Michigan Society of Health-System Pharmacists (MSHP) Ambulatory Care Pharmacy Practice Committee has developed a toolkit to provide on the Society’s website. This toolkit will offer information about starting ambulatory care pharmacy services, transition of care practices, strengthening clinical practice, developing business models and keeping current with provider status information. 

In an effort to provide valuable resources throughout the state, the Committee has included contact information for ambulatory care practice sites within the toolkit. These pharmacists volunteered their contact information to serve as a resource for others who are initiating ambulatory care services or those who would like to expand existing services. While most of the toolkit content will be available to everyone, access to the practice site list will be a member-only benefit. Not a member of MSHP/MPA? Click here to join. 

If you offer ambulatory care services at your site, and you are interested in being listed as a resource on the MSHP website, please complete and submit the form provided below. A printable form is also available that you can fill out and e-mail to, or fax to (517) 484-4893. 

Ambulatory Care Pharmacy Practice Site Sign-up

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