Evaluations and Posttests - Upper Peninsula Fall Seminar 2019


1. Register as a user on the MPA website at michiganpharmacists.org (or just log in if you are already a registered user). Registering on the MPA website is a quick process and only requires first name, last name, e-mail address and password.

2. Click on the program links to complete the program evaluation and applicable posttests. 

Please note that MPA's website is compatible with newer versions of Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and FireFox. It is not compatible with the Safari platform.

Benzodiazepine Overprescribing and Deprescribing

Pharmacist: http://www.michiganpharmacists.org/education/UPFall2019/BenzoP

Technician: http://www.michiganpharmacists.org/education/UPFall2019/BenzoT


Beers Criteria 2019 Update

Pharmacist: http://www.michiganpharmacists.org/education/UPFall-2019/BeersP

Technician: http://www.michiganpharmacists.org/education/UPFall-2019/BeersT


Rise From the Ashes: Burnout Symptoms, Causes and Interventions

Pharmacist: http://www.michiganpharmacists.org/education/UPFall2019/BurnoutP

Technician: http://www.michiganpharmacists.org/education/UPFall2019/BurnoutT


New Drugs Update: FDA Approvals for 2018-19

Pharmacist: http://www.michiganpharmacists.org/education/UPFall-2019/DrugsUpdateP

Technician: http://www.michiganpharmacists.org/education/UPFall-2019/DrugsUpdateT


Challenges to Drug Procurement in Nuclear Pharmacy

Pharmacist: http://www.michiganpharmacists.org/education/UPFall2019/ChallengesP

Technician: http://www.michiganpharmacists.org/education/UPFall2019/ChallengesT


Pain Management and Genetics

Pharmacist: http://www.michiganpharmacists.org/education/UPFall2019/PainP

Technician: http://www.michiganpharmacists.org/education/UPFall2019/PainT


Present and Future Pharmacy Practice: Pharmacy Law Update 2019

Pharmacist: http://www.michiganpharmacists.org/education/UPFall2019/PharmLaw2019

Technician: http://www.michiganpharmacists.org/education/UPFall2019/PharmLaw2019T


You will be required to provide your CPE Monitor e-profile identification number as well as date of birth (month and day only). This information is necessary to receive continuing education credit. If you do not provide this information, credit cannot be awarded. If you have not registered for CPE Monitor, please register atMyCPEMonitor.net.

The program evaluation and applicable posttests must be completed no later than Oct. 13, 2019. Evaluations and posttests will not be available for completion and requests to process credit will not be accepted after this date. Once the program evaluations and applicable posttests are complete, you will receive a grade on the tests. You must pass posttests questions with a grade of 70% or higher. If you do not achieve the required 70%, you will be given the option to take the posttest again. Within two weeks of conclusion of the activity, Michigan Pharmacists Association will upload credit to your CPE Monitor record. After credits have been uploaded, you can log into your CPE Monitor account and print statements of credit. Credit will not be uploaded until the completion deadline has ended.