MPA Virtual Annual Convention & Exposition

Feb. 26-27, 2021

Michigan Pharmacists Association (MPA) is pleased to offer the 2021 Annual Convention & Exposition from Feb. 26-27 as a complete virtual experience.

As the healthcare landscape continued to be at the forefront of pharmacy practice, we are committed to including the primary elements that you’ve come to expect of the Convention in a visually captivating virtual environment. The virtual offering will comprise of three important components – education, access to suppliers and products, networking – so that you can make meaningful connections and learn of valuable tools to improve your practice during a time when the practice of pharmacy has proven to be challenging.

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Register by Feb. 15 to take advantage of early bird registration rates listed below. Rates will increase after Feb. 15. Registration will close at Noon on Thursday, Feb. 25 and will not be accepted after this date.

Pharmacists - Register online, or access the printable registration form to send to MPA.

Technicians - Register online, or access the printable registration form to send to MPA.

Student Pharmacists - Register online, or access the printable registration form to send to MPA.

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Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians

Full Registration - Registration rates include participation in pharmacy continuing education (PCE) programs on Friday and Saturday and earning up to 13 hours of live PCE credit, visiting the virtual Exhibit Hall and admission to Saturday’s Annual Awards Ceremony and other social activities. Two-day registrants will also have access to all PCE programs post-Convention with the ability to earn an additional 15 hours of PCE home study credit with access to Convention programs until March 23, 2021.

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Pharmacist Member - $290

Pharmacist Nonmember - $495

Technician Member - $100

Technician Nonmember - $170

One-Day Registration - Registration rates include participation in pharmacy continuing education (PCE) programs and earning up to 6.25 hours on Friday and up to 6.75 hours on Saturday of live PCE credit, visiting the virtual Exhibit Hall and admission to other social activities only on the day registered for. Saturday registrants may also attend Saturday’s Annual Awards Ceremony. One-day registrants will NOT have access to PCE programs post-Convention.

Pharmacist Member - $200

Pharmacist Nonmember - $340

Technician Member - $70

Technician Nonmember - $120

Student Pharmacists

Registration rates include participation in pharmacy continuing education  programs on Friday and Saturday, visiting the virtual Exhibit Hall and admission to Friday’s Student Pharmacist Social (SMPA members only), Saturday’s MSHP Student Luncheon, Saturday’s Annual Awards Ceremony, Saturday’s Adopt-a-Student program and other social activities.

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SMPA Member - $15

Nonmember - $25


Programs at the Annual Convention were planned to meet the needs of pharmacists, residents, pharmacy technicians and student pharmacists in a variety of practice settings as well as those in the pharmaceutical industry and academia.


It has come to our attention that there are companies claiming to have, and attempting to sell the Attendee List for the MPA Annual Convention and Exhibition. We want to assure you that Michigan Pharmacists Association has not and will not release any member information to third parties such as these organizations.

Schedule of Events


To further enhance the engaging experience, you will enter a virtual conference center lobby. Within the lobby, you can choose what they want to do next: go to the exhibit hall, attend educational programs, socialize at a networking activity, recognize award recipients, create a personalized schedule of events, obtain pharmacy resources, recognize award recipients at the awards reception, and vote on the MPA pharmacy talent show. Continue reading for additional information on these activities.

Click here to view the full Convention brochure.

Education Programs

Opening Session – Officially kicking off the Convention is Dr. Parker Crutchfield, Ph.D., Associate Professor of the Program in Medical Ethics, Humanities and Law at Western Michigan Homer Stryker M.D. School of Medicine in Kalamazoo, Mich. In this role, Dr. Crutchfield conducts clinical ethics consultations, teaches medical students and residents, and conducts research in medical ethics. Throughout the pandemic, Dr. Crutchfield was part of a group of medical ethicists that were consulted during the allocation and distribution process of therapeutics. He will speak on the ethics of handling a pandemic and distribution of new therapeutics and vaccine policy specifically related to COVID-19. His presentation will begin at 9:30 a.m. on Friday, Feb. 26.

Keynote Session – Dr. Jason Wasserman, Ph.D., will deliver the keynote session on the timely topic of health equity and the impact of this has on health care. This session will be on Saturday, Feb. 27 at 8:30 a.m. Dr. Wasserman is an Associate Professor in the Department of Foundational Medical Studies at Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine in Rochester, Mich. His scholarly work focuses on the medicalization of homelessness, the sociological impacts of the epidemiological transition on medicine, and the influences of neighborhood infrastructures and community networks on health outcomes among the urban poor.

Closing Session – The Convention’s closing session will feature Paul Osincup, a self-described speaker and positive workplace strategist who helps organizations create happier, healthier, and more connected places to work. His presentation on Saturday, Feb. 27 at 4:15 p.m. will focus on how pharmacy professionals can be resilient and battle burnout and stress.

General Session – The NASPA-NMA Self-Care Challenge is returning to the Convention with a few changes this year. The Self-Care Challenge provides students an opportunity to showcase their extensive OTC knowledge against their rival pharmacy students in a lighthearted competition while granting continuing education credits for attendees. This year’s competition will feature three students from each college of pharmacy in Michigan: Ferris State University, Wayne State University, and the University of Michigan. These three students will compete virtually in a three round jeopardy style competition for a chance to be crowned victor! Each round will have a lead from the team who oversees buzzing in and answering the questions for that round, while still being able to communicate with teammates. For the first two rounds the first team to buzz-in after a question is read will get a chance to answer the question. If they get it right, they get points. If they get it wrong, the question is open to the remaining two teams to buzz-in and try to answer the question correctly. The third and final round allows teams to bet all or a portion of their current points on the final question, either gaining or losing the amount of points they “gamble”. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins!

Careful attention has been given to create pharmacy continuing education programs that not only help pharmacists and pharmacy technicians fulfill licensure and certification requirements, but to also help you grow in your healthcare setting as a community, consultant, specialty or health-system pharmacist and as a pharmacy technician. General programs on the following topics will also be offered during the Convention: diabetes, workplace violence, USP updates, dealing with difficult coworkers, expanded roles of technicians, medication therapy management, precepting in a virtual environment, opioid use disorder, vaccine trends, pharmacy law, ethics, pain management and patient safety.

Full Convention registrants can earn up to 13 hours of live credit during the virtual event, plus have access to the Convention on demand to earn an additional 15 hours of non-live home study credit for one month after the Convention. One-day registrants will not have access to the Convention on demand.

Exhibit Hall

As a registrant, you will be able to visit with exhibitors at various times on Friday and Saturday to learn of the latest in pharmacy-related products.

Networking Opportunities

While the 2021 Convention may not be the same as when it’s held in Detroit, who said we can’t have the same fun events—virtual style? With a little creativity and lots of determination, organizational leaders and staff are working diligently to make this year’s conference as memorable as years’ past. Each day and night of the convention will offer a variety of customized networking and social events to give convention participants that traditional feel of the Convention.

Coffee Hour – On Friday morning, participate in the coffee hour to talk with MPA’s new CEO Mark Glasper. Another coffee hour on Saturday morning will feature MPA President Heather Christensen who will talk about her goals for the coming year.

Tech Connect – The Michigan Society of Pharmacy Technicians will be hosting their Tech Connect Social Friday evening immediately following the last educational program on Friday. Activities are being planned to promote comradery and networking among pharmacy technicians across the state. Typically, 20-30 technicians gather in a Marriott hotel room but this year, there’s no limit to the number who can attend this annual event.

Student Social – The Student Pharmacists Executive Council (SPEC) are planning a virtual student social for Friday evening. Plans are underway to host a game night with a Trivia Challenge to create friendly competition among students from each of the three Michigan colleges of pharmacy. Student pharmacists will also have the opportunity to participate in the Michigan Society of Health-System Pharmacists leadership networking program on Saturday. Usually students from every college would sit together for lunch with a health-system pharmacy leader to talk about professional practice issues, career options and share fun stories. At our virtual conference, valuable interactions like this will still be available and students won’t want to miss it.

Annual Banquet and Award Ceremony – Traditionally, MPA has honored the many distinguished individuals who serve and advance the profession of pharmacy and the health of our patients at our Annual Banquet & Awards Ceremony. At this ceremony and other Convention events, MPA recognizes a number of worthy awardees, including our 25-, 40- and 50-year members with the Years of Membership Awards; our volunteer leaders through induction into our Pharmacy Hall of Honor, as well as our elected boards, leaders and fellows for their service. MPA also honors scholarship recipients, PAC awards recipients, practice section awardees, the MPA Pharmacist of the Year, and other honorable awardees for their noteworthy achievements.

While the realities of the pandemic this year prevent us from gathering for a banquet, our virtual platform will still provide our distinguished awardees and our membership the excitement and ceremony they deserve. This is a unique opportunity to gather virtually to honor and thank those who have stepped up during a difficult and unusual year in our profession, as we reflect on the many accomplishments, victories, obstacles and innovations brought on by 2020, and as we look ahead to a brighter year, building on the lessons we have learned.

MPF Adopt-a-Student Program - This year’s Michigan Pharmacy Foundation (MPF) Adopt-a-Student Program will be conducted virtually. The MPF Board of Trustees has created a program to ensure the most valuable component of the program – connecting student pharmacists with engaged, experienced pharmacy professionals for a great networking experience – still occurs in our virtual world. Sponsors (aka “parents”) will select a student pharmacist from an “adoption” catalogue for just $50 per student to network through a Zoom meeting. Virtual networking for the sponsor and student pharmacist will be arranged at a mutually, beneficial time between Feb 20-28. MPF staff will provide contact information, as well as a list of suggested discussion topics, to parent sponsors and participating students. Student pharmacists will be responsible to contact their sponsor and arrange the 30-minute Zoom meeting with login details, as well take a screen shot of their Zoom experience that must be submitted to MPF staff as evidence of the networking meeting. Student pharmacists who meet all the participation requirements will receive a $25 restaurant gift card to enjoy a meal as a result of their sponsors’ generous support of this program. The MPF Adopt-a-Student Program is an opportunity to help a student pharmacist begin building their professional network, provide a student with a hot meal and make a tax-deductible contribution to the Foundation. Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians may adopt a student by selecting the Adopt-a-Student option on the Convention registration form.



Continuing Education Credit and Handouts


Participants will be required to register for and complete program evaluations and applicable posttests through Lecture Panda.

To earn pharmacy continuing education credit, complete the following steps.

1. Register with Lecture Panda – Prior to the Convention, you should have registered on the Lecture Panda website and set a username and password of your choice and provided your E-profile identification number and date of birth (MMDD format).

  • If you have already registered on the Lecture Panda website, move to step 2 below.
  • If you did not register on the Lecture Panda website, you must do that first. To do so, CLICK HERE

    or scan the below QR code with your cell phone or tablet to be directed to the Convention event page on the Lecture Panda website. Upon registering on Lecture Panda, you will receive an e-mail confirming registration with a link to complete credit requirements. This link allows you access to all program handouts, evaluations and posttests. To avoid e-mails going to your spam folder, be sure to set up your e-mail account to allow e-mails from Lecture Panda.



2. Access Handouts – To access program handouts, refer to the registration confirmation e-mail that you received from Lecture Panda and click on the blue button titled “Complete Credit Requirements.” You will be directed to all program handouts where you can conveniently pull them up on your PC, cell phone or tablet, or you can print them if you wish to have hard copies.

3. Claim Credit – To complete all evaluations and posttests for programs that you attended and claim credit, refer to the registration confirmation e-mail that you received from Lecture Panda and click on the blue button titled “Complete Credit Requirements.” You will be directed to confirm your name, e-mail address, E-profile identification number and date of birth, then progress to the claim credit screens where you will enter the program claim code provided at the end of each program and complete evaluations and applicable posttests. More information about program claim codes is below. Upon completion of the evaluations and posttests, credit will automatically be submitted to your CPE Monitor record. You must pass each posttest with a score of 70 percent or greater to earn credit.

4. Overall Event Evaluation – MPA would like to know about your overall experience of this year’s virtual Convention. Please be sure to complete the overall event evaluation on Lecture. Your feedback is used to improve the Convention and other MPA events.

Program Claim Codes

When completing evaluations and posttests, you will be required to enter a “claim code” unique to each program. Be sure to listen at the end of each program to receive that program’s claim code. Program claim codes will not be provided to participants after the program has ended. It is recommended that you keep track of program claim codes by recording them as they are provided during sessions. Posttest questions are not applicable to application-based programs; however, evaluations must be completed. For knowledge-based programs in which presenters did not submit posttest questions, attendees will not be penalized. MPA, as an ACPE-accredited provider, is required to report pharmacist and pharmacy technician CPE credit to CPE Monitor. ACPE guidelines prohibit MPA from issuing credit 60 days or more after the activity for any reason. Therefore, to avoid denial of credit, it is imperative that pharmacists and pharmacy technicians complete the online evaluations and posttests before April 25, 2021. Evaluations and posttests will not be available for completion and requests to process credit will not be accepted after this date. You will receive periodic e-mails from Lecture Panda reminding you to complete requirements. Due to this new process, participants will not receive an attendance form to record programs attended.

Separate instructions to earn continuing education credit will be sent to full Convention registrants who wish to earn an additional 15 hours of home study credit post event. This opportunity expires March 25, 2021.

MPF Charity Auction

Charity Auction - Virtual Edition: Donate Now!

The Michigan Pharmacy Foundation (MPF) holds a Charity Auction during the Michigan Pharmacists Association (MPA) Annual Convention & Exposition. This year, the Convention will be held virtually Feb. 26-27, 2021. The Charity Auction will be virtual as well. While this presents certain challenges, we know that with your generosity, we can still make this a successful fundraising event.

The Charity Auction is an enormous part of how MPF funds our efforts to advance pharmacy through education, practice innovation, and research focused on patient care. Please fill out the charity auction donation form and indicate your contribution to the auction.

What People Are Saying About the Annual Convention

"I hope that it continues to grow in the magnitude that it has. I would love to see every pharmacists who's able to get there have some exposure to the Convention because there's nothing quite like it."

"Thank you for all the hard work you put into the Annual Convention every year. I am always amazed at the variety and attention to detail that is put into the programming!"

"You do a good job of providing a variety of educational topics; it can't be an easy task! It's also nice to have the Convention in the heart of downtown Detroit for the choice of restaurants and other entertainment."

“My favorite part of the Annual Convention is the Student Social because it allows me to interact with students from all of the pharmacy schools in Michigan.”

"Thank you to all the MPA staff. You always plan an excellent seminar weekend!"