MPA Annual Convention & Exposition


Feb. 25-27, 2022

Michigan Pharmacists Association (MPA) is pleased to offer the 2022 Annual Convention & Exposition from Feb. 25-27 in Detroit at the Detroit Marriott Renaissance Center.

Be sure to save the date! More information will be available soon.

What People Are Saying About the Annual Convention

"I hope that it continues to grow in the magnitude that it has. I would love to see every pharmacists who's able to get there have some exposure to the Convention because there's nothing quite like it."

"Thank you for all the hard work you put into the Annual Convention every year. I am always amazed at the variety and attention to detail that is put into the programming!"

"You do a good job of providing a variety of educational topics; it can't be an easy task! It's also nice to have the Convention in the heart of downtown Detroit for the choice of restaurants and other entertainment."

“My favorite part of the Annual Convention is the Student Social because it allows me to interact with students from all of the pharmacy schools in Michigan.”

"Thank you to all the MPA staff. You always plan an excellent seminar weekend!"