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MPF Royal Pharmacy Faire - Nov. 3, 2018

2018 MPF Royal Pharmacy Faire

November 3
Sat November 03,2018 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM

Hear ye! Hear ye!
Join Michigan Pharmacy Foundation for a Royal Pharmacy Faire on Saturday, Nov. 3 at Michigan Pharmacists Association Headquarters, 408 Kalamazoo Plaza, Lansing, Mich. 48933!

Travel back to a time when royalty ruled and commoners gathered in the local Tavern.

At the Royal Pharmacy Faire you will choose which class you will inherit. You may choose to enjoy a royal feast hosted by the King and Queen with Lords, Ladies and other nobility secluded from the peasants. As nobility, you will be served your meal around the King’s table, and because of your social class, you will have the luxury to visit the Tavern throughout the evening. Your meal, ale and wine are included during the feast.

But if you prefer the simple life like that of a merchant or peasant you may break bread and drink ale with the commoners in the lively Tavern for a modest meal and a tankard of ale or glass of wine. Tavern wenches will be happy to get more beverages for you at a reasonable price, but it could cost you a tip! Be aware: Royalty can visit the Tavern, but Tavern-goers cannot visit the Royals. The King and Queen can strip anyone of their social class (after dinner of course).

Additional activities are planned for the evening to bring the Renaissance alive! Servants will be dressed as memorable characters and all are welcome to come dressed in their Renaissance best, if you choose.

The evening will be packed with entertainment regardless of your social class.


Royal Couple = $250
Individual Royal = $150
Tavern Couple = $130
Individual Tavern = $75


Sponsorship Options:
King & Queen = $1,000 (includes royal registration for 2)
Prince & Princess = $750 (includes royal registration for 2)
Tavern Owner = $500 (includes tavern registration for 2)
Tax Collector = $500 (includes tavern registration for 2)

To purchase a sponsorship, contact Sam McNerney, MPF operations coordinator, at or (517) 377-0259.


Prices based on: Standard
  • $150.00 Individual Royal
  • $75.00 Individual Tavern
  • $250.00 Royal Couple
  • $130.00 Tavern Couple
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Venue Location

MPA Headquarters
480 Kalamazoo Plaza
Lansing, MI 48933
Venue Address