MSHP represents MPA pharmacist members practicing in ambulatory care and health-system pharmacy settings.

MSHP Objectives

  • To foster the provision of patient-focused care by the pharmacy profession.
  • To develop model standards for patient-focused care which may be used to assess patient care outcomes, including patient satisfaction.
  • To provide educational support in preparing pharmacy practitioners.
  • To advocate the value of pharmacist contributions to patient care.
  • To disseminate information about implementing patient-focused care to pharmacy practitioners.
  • To facilitate communication among pharmacists, other healthcare team members, governmental agencies and the public.
  • To promote research to improve the quality of patient-focused care.
  • To identify, analyze and evaluate healthcare trends, and provide leadership in addressing legislative and regulatory initiatives affecting pharmacy practice.
  • To promote organizational leadership and membership.

For more on MSHP, contact MPA at (517) 484-1466.