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Health Professional Leadership Academy

In 2012, the Michigan Pharmacy Foundation (MPF) developed the Health Professional Leadership Academy (HPLA), a year-long program aimed at developing a class of practitioners equipped and motivated to lead others and their profession in the years ahead. The program consists of face-to-face workshops, online webinars and ongoing mentorship facilitated by leaders, Academy faculty and MPA staff.

The Academy has enrolled participants from a variety of healthcare disciplines including pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, nurses, physicians, physician assistance and healthcare administrators. With more than 100 graduates, MPF is committed to continuing the development of leaders to help advance the profession of pharmacy, as well as all health care.

2019-2020 MPF HPLA Class Application

How long is the Academy and what is the time commitment?

The Academy is a nine-month program. To be eligible, a professional must be able to dedicate 3-4 hours per month to prepare for and participate in webinars and leadership discussions (please note that in months of face-to-face workshops, the time commitment is approximately 10-12 hours). The Academy includes the following: 

  1. Three mandatory, day-long, face-to-face workshops. The workshops are conducted by Dr. Brenda Wagenknecht-Ivey. The first will occur on Saturday, Oct. 12, 2019, and the second will take place on Saturday, Feb. 22 during the 2020 Michigan Pharmacists Association (MPA) Annual Convention & Exposition at the Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center. The third workshop and graduation ceremony will be held in Lansing on June 19, 2020.
  2. Attendance at the annual MPF Leadership & Management Symposium which will most likely occur in April. 
  3. Monthly online, interactive webinars, with pre-webinar assignments and readings.
  4. Establishing a personal leadership project, selecting and working with leadership advisor and establishing personal leadership goals that will be worked on throughout the duration of the Academy. 

To receive a Certificate of Completion, each participant must attend and participate actively in all Leadership Academy events and activities.

Who facilitates Academy programs?

In conjunction with MPA staff, Academy workshops are facilitated by Brenda Wagenknecht-Ivey, the founder and president of PRAXIS Consulting, Inc. As a professional consultant, she has been providing a wide-range of consulting services to private, public, and not-for-profit organizations across the United States since 1986, and internationally since 2005. In 1990, she began her own consulting practice, and in 1995, she founded PRAXIS Consulting, Inc. Her work focuses on helping organizations, teams, and individuals enhance overall performance and organizational health.

Brenda has special expertise in organizational psychology, organizational behavior and group dynamics. She has a proven track record in implementing change and improvement processes that succeed, and helping re-shape organizational norms and team and individual behaviors resulting in higher levels of performance. She is skilled at adapting proven organizational development approaches and methods based on unique needs and problems, and achieving desired results.
Brenda’s vast experience has helped her develop keen diagnostic, analytical, intervention and delivery skills, and acquire a reputation as a skilled change agent, strategic planner, facilitator and researcher. She has worked with a wide-range of pharmacy organizations, including MPA as the facilitator of the Association’s annual Strategic Planning Retreat.

Is there any cost to participating in the Academy?

The cost to attend the Academy is $1,500. The Academy workshops are approved for pharmacist continuing education credit for participating in and completing select portions of the program. The fee covers all related expenses for participation such as materials and meals. Please note: (1) the fee does not include reimbursement for mileage or lodging, registration for the MPA Annual Convention & Exposition, hotel or parking at the Annual Convention, or registration for other Annual Convention events such as the Annual Banquet; and (2) the fee is not refundable.

What is the criteria for Academy participation?

Healthcare professionals from all practice environments are welcome to apply.

Eligibility Requirements
To be eligible to participate in HPLA, a health professional must:

  • Be in a healthcare administrative or clinical leadership position currently, or be interested in pursuing a career in a healthcare leadership position.
  • Be able to attend all Academy workshops and webinars.
  • Be able to devote at least 3-4 hours per month to prepare for and participate in webinars and leadership discussions. 
    Note: In the months of the face-to-face workshops, the time commitment is approximately 10-12 hours. 

Evaluation Criteria
HPLA applications will be evaluated and selected by MPA and MPF using the following criteria:

  1. Leadership interests, goals and anticipated benefits
  2. Leadership responsibilities and/or healthcare leadership or career interests
  3. Expectations of the Academy and how knowledge and skills will be applied
  4. Past or current involvement in student, professional or community affiliations or organizations
  5. Compatibility or suitability with Leadership Academy learning objectives and curriculum
  6. Letter of recommendation (please submit with your application and responses to the questions) 

Note: Membership in a professional organization is not a requirement for selection, but it is preferred.

How can I support the Leadership Academy?

We need your support to continue forming today’s practitioners into tomorrow’s leaders. Your investment in the education and training offered by HPLA will have tremendous benefits for the future of the health care industry. If every pharmacist and pharmacy technician as well as other health care providers donated $250 annually, MPF could continue to expand the program, shape health care leaders and ensure a viable future for pharmacy and patient care. 

Please consider making a tax-deductible contribution to support your profession and maintain the legacy that we’ve worked so hard to build. Click here to access a printable form with information on how to contribute. Thank you for your consideration and support of MPF initiatives.