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I started in the pharmacy technician practice after going away to college for a year. I moved back home and was looking for a job while I finished going to school. I answered a job posting for cashier at a pharmacy. Shortly after starting I was promoted to manager with keys and alarm code. I then started helping out in the pharmacy and was given the technician training manual by a pharmacist I worked for as a Christmas gift, and he said to study and take the exam. So I did, and I was certified in 1999. I then started the career I hadn't even considered before. Previous to becoming a pharmacy technician, I had been working as waitress at my father’s restaurant the previous year before starting school. At the time, I was thinking of pursuing a career in social work before I started in the pharmacy. 


Before I took the technician certification exam I had completed two years of general studies in college. In the end, I could not continue classes because the responsibilities increased at my job, and I did not have the schedule flexibility to fit in classes before online became an option. Ultimately it was Rodney Sharp, R.Ph. who bought me the technician training manual and encouraged me to study and take the exam. I accepted his challenge, and have not looked back since.


I have worked at Fox Hills Medi-Mart since 1991, and I have moved from cashier through every job within the company, learning how to do each one so I could fill in and help when necessary. It was, and still is, a great feeling when the owners said they felt comfortable taking a short vacation knowing I was at the store and able to keep it running properly in their absence. Currently I work in the pharmacy that provides retail and long-term care services. I enjoy the relations that I have been able to form with our retail customers. I have been lucky to watch many children grow up and become their own person. I also manage the long-term care accounts and have been able to form many relationships with the nurses and staff at each facility. I very much enjoy when I get to go out to the facilities and interact directly with the staff and patients.


I became involved in Michigan Pharmacists Association (MPA) and MSPT after I received my certification. I was sent a letter from MPA congratulating me on my certification and a copy of the Michigan Pharmacist journal and a complimentary membership, which I thought was a very nice gesture. After reading the journal and speaking with my co-workers who were current members, I joined. Membership is a very good way to keep up with the industry and to learn what is going on in the government both state and federal. Membership also provides you with continuing education (CE) opportunities which every technician needs now that we are fully licensed professionals. The opportunities for networking and meeting great people are wonderful. My involvement with MSPT started when an email was sent to MPA members looking for nominations for the MSPT Executive Committee. Ralph Heuerman, R.Ph. sent in my name and encouraged me to try something different. I decided to run, and with great excitement and surprise I was elected to the committee and have enjoyed every moment spent doing our various activities, and I was honored to serve as the 2015 MSPT President.


Currently I live in Waterford and have a son. Outside of work I enjoy bowling, crafting and spending time with my family. 

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