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Posted on June 19, 2017 in: Member News

Amanda Hamp began working in the pharmacy after high school. She needed a “grown up job” and something that would provide her with the benefits she needed, and at that stage, she still wasn’t sure what direction she wanted to take in life. She applied at a locally owned family pharmacy despite having had no experience in pharmacy at that point. The staff provided her with on the job training, and the pharmacist she trained with provided priceless training, values and confidence, describing it as “the good old days.”


Amanda says she tried to step out of pharmacy and work in some administrative roles, but always found herself back in the pharmacy. Outside of her first job, she has held several roles within the pharmacy. She first began at Chelsea Pharmacy as a pharmacy technician. This is where she learned the core values of how to treat patients, customers and coworkers. The goal here was quality customer services while still having fun. She also spent time at CVS pharmacy where she experienced a much more fast-paced, high volume pharmacy and introduced her to the chain retail pharmacy environment. She also spent time at Meijer Pharmacy, where she says she learned how provide customer services to, at times, difficult customers. Currently she is at the Center for Family Health as the lead pharmacy technician and works on 340B referrals. She has been able to use all the skills from her previous work experiences to be successful in this current role.


This role, she says, is completely different than her retail experience. She says, “It is my job as the 340B Referral Specialist to ensure we are properly using our 340B inventory for federally qualified patients only by meeting Federal Guidelines put in place by the Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA). Every claim that we bill to 340B inventory using a specialist doctor outside our covered entity must meet the appropriate guidelines. It is my job to prove we have met all these guidelines and have the appropriate supporting documentation to close the 340B loop and be compliant with the laws.” This role requires a lot of investigation and at times problem solving. Amanda says she is always searching for information and trying to find all the different pieces that are needed to close the 340B compliance loop. She says, “It’s like a jigsaw puzzle. I love that.” She says she loves learning new things and that there are more administration roles for pharmacy technicians.


Amanda lives in Grass Lake, Mich. with her two children and husband. She enjoys Michigan’s seasons and spending time with her family. She likes to get away up North and spend time on the Ausable River kayaking and spending time near the Mackinac Bridge.

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