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Robyn Parker, CPhT, manager, reporting and data analytics, Diplomat, Flint

We all have various similarities in this life. You look like your mother, your philosophies are comparable to your father’s and the family resemblance in character, personalities or mannerisms can be easily noticeable. But what about those similarities which stretch beyond our family tree? The similarities between all humans, like the inherent drive to be more, or the inner ambition to serve others, any maybe the satisfaction of making a difference on this Earth. Those similarities can be summed up in one word: volunteering. You want to feel good about yourself, be fulfilled life and stand as an outstanding individual? Then volunteer! What could the cost be? Just your talents and time! Volunteering is an expressive act of service in which you are paid by successfully making a difference on this Earth through your life.

But I don’t know where to volunteer? How do I find a place? Remember the beauty of volunteering is that you chose volunteer service according to your strengths and likes. How about volunteering within your career? Contact Michigan Pharmacist Association (MPA) for any of these opportunities: Michigan Society of Pharmacy Technicians (MSPT) Executive Committee tackles issues that impact pharmacy technicians’ careers. Get yourself involved with the Committee, and you could voice that key information that would secure a healthier opportunity for pharmacy technicians. Do you love politics? Pharmacy Day at the Capitol is a yearly advocacy event hosted by MPA that could easily be your place. The chance to speak with our elected officials regarding pharmacy technicians and the profession is available every September. Is writing your love? The Tech Connect newsletter always wants to hear from fellow technicians about their thoughts on the profession, ideas for the pharmacy, and suggestions about increasing efficiency in our practices. Or maybe use your career on a more public level like at your local free clinic helping to dispense medication. Patients and staff will think you are outstanding while you just want to be more fulfilled in life. Want something outside of your career? Revisit your likes and strengths and think outside the box. I enjoy cars and puzzles, and every year I volunteer as a parking attendant for the local museum auto fair fund raiser. I get to see all the admission cars while trying to figure out how to park participants within the designated area. Every year my car parking puzzle improves as I figure out what car puzzle piece fits within the layout. I’m fulfilled every time I fit that beautiful car into that perfect spot, and the car owner thinks I’m outstanding for taking such good care of their vehicle, which ultimately makes me feel good. Do you have a passion for the less fortunate? How about getting a group together and providing school clothes for children. The parents and school social worker would likely think that is outstanding, the group is fulfilled knowing you were a part of making the lives of those children easier.

If still unsure on how to find volunteer opportunities, do some internet searches. There are so many opportunities in all of our local communities to make a difference and enrich both our own lives and the lives of others. Whether you are volunteering within the profession you love so much, or spending some more time with the hobbies you get so much enjoyment out of, every act of volunteering helps and makes a difference. There’s more to explore when you steer to volunteer!!

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