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By Diana Kostoff, Pharm.D., BCPS, BCOP, pharmacy coordinator, hematology/oncology ambulatory pharmacy services, Henry Ford Hospital and Cancer Institute and co-chair, MSHP Ambulatory Care Pharmacy Practice Committee


The American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP)’s Practice Advancement Initiative (PAI), formerly the Pharmacy Practice Model Initiative (PPMI), has been integrated into state affiliates and institutions to promote pharmacy services in many areas including ambulatory care. ASHP’s commitment to the PAI is evident. The ASHP Foundation created a grant program that supports leadership workshops facilitated by ASHP-assigned pharmacy experts and lead initiatives to transform pharmacy practice models. Michigan Society of Health-System Pharmacists (MSHP) has embraced the PAI, and its Ambulatory Care Pharmacy Practice Committee was awarded the 2018 ASHP Foundation PAI State Affiliate Workshop Grant.

Approximately 30 pharmacy leaders from across the state of Michigan participated in the MSHP Ambulatory Care Pharmacy Practice Leadership Workshop that occurred on June 14, 2018. The Workshop was facilitated by Dr. Phillip Brummond, director of pharmacy, Froedtert Hospital, Wauwatosa, Wis. and his health-system pharmacy administrative resident Dr. Elizabeth Rodman. The Workshop goals were the following:


  • Describe successes and identify opportunities in using PAI to leverage ambulatory and transitions of care (TOC) pharmacy practice transformation in Michigan.
  • Communicate MSHP’s strategic initiative for advancing ambulatory and TOC pharmacy practice.
  • Demonstrate the steps necessary to successfully engage pharmacy extenders in organizing and leading state-wide efforts to expand ambulatory and TOC pharmacy services.
  • Generate sustained interest, support and tactics for accomplishing practice development.

In preparation for the meeting, the MSHP Ambulatory Care Pharmacy Practice Committee promoted completion of the ASHP Ambulatory Care Self-Assessment Survey. As of May 2018, this promotion has resulted in more than fifty Michigan assessments being completed, the second highest state completion rate in the country. Dr. Brummond provided an overview of PAI and shared Wisconsin’s experience with advancing ambulatory practice. In addition, Dr. Brummond prepared and distributed a customized survey prior to the workshop to collect Michigan practice advancement information. Results were summarized into three categories: accomplishments, services health-systems would like to offer and the top priorities identified.




Large group discussions were conducted to generate ideas for MSHP state-wide practice advancement related to the identified top priorities listed above. Based on the large group discussions, participants worked in smaller breakout groups to further develop, expand and provide deliverable outcomes for five state-wide priorities: use of pharmacy extenders, defining ambulatory pharmacy practice and its scope, demonstrating value of ambulatory pharmacy services, TOC services, and expansion and standardization of CPAs.


An impact/effort matrix tool was used to prioritize the five initiatives before the Workshop ended. Defining ambulatory pharmacy practice and the CPA initiative ranked first and second, respectively. Demonstrating value and leveraging extenders rounded out the top priorities. The Workshop attendees identified the importance of TOC services and transformation within the state of Michigan but acknowledged this as a future MSHP PAI initiative.


The Workshop practitioners were engaged throughout the conference leading to a successful effort to recognize state-wide ambulatory pharmacy practice initiatives. MSHP will use the input generated from the Workshop to create 2019 charges for its committee workforces during its strategic planning retreat. MSHP and its committees will continue to support PAI and the advancement of ambulatory pharmacy practice in Michigan.


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