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You Are Valuable

Posted on December 15, 2018 in: Member News

By Nancy MacDonald, Pharm.D., BCPS, FASHP, transition of care coordinator, Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit and MSHP president


The Michigan Society of Health-System Pharmacists (MSHP) president’s role is to move the organization forward in a strategic direction to help members consider or gain new perspectives. Having dedicated volunteers and Michigan Pharmacists Association staff to accomplish goals and objectives is critical to the success of MSHP. While some may say that as the MSHP president I deserve the credit for achieving the Society’s goals in 2018, the credit truly belongs to each of you.


As I started to write this article, I looked back at previous Monitor issues through the year to ensure I would not duplicate information that had already been published. I wanted to make my final article as President meaningful and unique. As I read each article written by Board members, committee chairs and various MSHP leaders, an overwhelming sense of pride came over me. I believe each one of those articles helped highlight the importance of continually demonstrating our value. The work we accomplished in 2018 took determination and persistence from many people. Some of the year’s highlights include the development of a formal Strategic Plan, the Michigan Residency Dashboard, the Ambulatory Care Workshop, the Ambulatory Care Antimicrobial Stewardship Survey and the list could go on for several paragraphs. While I heard about all the accomplishments throughout the year, I didn’t really appreciate just how much a group of committed leaders could accomplish in just 12 months. And if I didn’t tell you at some point during this year, I want to be sure to say the words in my last article as the 2018 MSHP president: you are valuable! Thank you for your contributions and for continuing to demonstrate our value as pharmacy professionals. But our work isn’t done. We need to be resilient to continue reaching higher goals.


Dr. Rebecca Finley, the 2018 ASHP Harvey A.K. Whitney Award winner, is quoted as saying, “We need to regularly reinforce that our careers are not a sprint, but rather a decade-long marathon.”1 In her speech, she highlights reflection, resilience, relationships and gratitude. Although her speech motivates me on an individual level, I also found it applicable to my MSHP role this year. I hope you take the time to read or listen to her speech and apply it to your own career. Try to envision how the concepts of reflection, resilience, relationships and gratitude also apply to the work you have done this past year for MSHP. Reflect on your committee’s accomplishments and what will take additional time to complete. Work on your resilience by taking the next couple of months to relax and focus on yourself, taking note of what role you would like to play on a 2019 committee. If you are an MSHP leader, mentor young MSHP leaders while they begin the first leg of their marathon. Think of the relationships you have formed and what they may look like at various stages of your marathon. Be grateful for the opportunity to advance our profession and influence young leaders by your service to MSHP.


Thank you for the honor of serving as your president. Thank you for your dedication and hard work that made MSHP so successful this year. Have a wonderful holiday season! See you in 2019!



1.       Finely RS. ASHP Research and Education Foundation. Harvey A.K. Whitney Award Lectures. Reflection, resilience, relationships, and gratitude. Harvey Whitney website.

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