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By Rachel Ives, Pharm.D., pharmacy resident, Harper University Hospital, Detroit, Mich.

The pharmacy profession is undergoing dramatic changes with regards to expectations for training future pharmacists. With a greater emphasis placed on postgraduate residency training as a prerequisite for health-system pharmacy positions, opportunities to expand and promote preceptor and resident learning and development are imperative. Some of the MSHP Residency Committee charges for 2019 are aimed at facilitating the professional growth of MSHP preceptors and residents. 

The first charge tasked to the Residency Committee this year was to create a MSHP preceptor development program. Precepting is a difficult skill set in which clinical pharmacists and administrators must help trainees develop and refine their clinical, leadership and patient-care skills in a rigorous training environment. It can be challenging for new preceptors to find helpful resources, and even seasoned preceptors may have challenges adapting to a rapidly changing training environment. To assist Michigan residency program preceptors with these challenges, the Residency Committee developed two web-based preceptor development seminars that will be available in 2020. A needs assessment was created and distributed to Michigan preceptors in order to determine which precepting skills had the largest gaps between perceived and desired knowledge. Two of the largest gaps identified were precepting across generations and teaching grit, resilience and stress management, which will be the focus of the web-based seminars produced by MSHP. Another area of interest for MSHP preceptors was helping residents through the research and manuscript writing process, which will be the topic of one of the MSHP Annual Meeting sessions.

Residents and preceptors are integral to advancing pharmacy practice through their involvement in quality improvement and research projects. To support this effort, the MSHP Board of Directors charged the Residency Committee to develop ways to share resident research projects that have shown improved patient outcomes. This would allow members to learn about incorporation of pharmacy residents in the development and implementation of new services at other institutions. For this charge, the Residency Committee is working on a proposal for a virtual poster presentation competition in 2020 or 2021. The winning poster would be displayed at the MSHP Annual Meeting, and the top five posters would be available on the MPA website and published in the MSHP Monitor. This platform would allow for recognition of resident and preceptor initiatives to improve patient care.

In order to promote the quality of residency training in Michigan, the Residency Committee developed a metrics dashboard in 2018 that aggregates data about residency programs across the state. The data is available on the MPA website. This year the committee was charged with updating the dashboard content by adding more measures that demonstrate the quality of residency training in Michigan. Future committee goals include circulating the dashboard to colleges of pharmacy in the Midwest to promote residency training in Michigan.

MSHP is committed to providing resources for residents and preceptors and promoting residency training in Michigan, as reflected in the progress made this year by the MSHP Residency Committee. Access to new resources and quality measures will facilitate preceptor, resident and program growth in a rapidly changing pharmacy environment.

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