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By Cathleen Edick, Pharm.D., CDE, pharmacy program coordinator, McLaren Greater Lansing, Lansing

The Capital Area Pharmacists Association (CAPA) is usually pretty quiet in the summer months, but we did fit in a little fun and community service during the months of May, June and July.

On May 9, CAPA held a fundraising dinner at the Blaze Pizza in Frandor, where we were able to raise almost $50 for the CAPA scholarship fund. On June 19, things may have got a little chilly as the evening went on, but CAPA members enjoyed an Ignite soccer match and a free dinner at the Cooley Law Stadium in downtown Lansing. It was a great time to socialize and have some fun with other CAPA members and their families. Then, on July 27, instead of the usual fifth Saturday of the month of June, CAPA members provided and served a meal at the Advent House in Lansing.
The CAPA Executive Board will meet in early September to plan more future events; however, some have already been planned for 2019, including the following events:
  • Oct. 15 – Wits & Wagers: New Literature Pearls CE
  • Nov. 30 – Dinner to be served at the Advent House
  • Dec. 2019 (date TBD): Annual Law CE
In addition, please keep watch for another Blaze Pizza fundraising event sometime this fall to help to continue to raise money for the CAPA scholarship fund. The two $500 CAPA scholarships will be awarded in December this year. Please encourage any student pharmacist to apply. This year’s deadline is Nov. 1. Additional information about the scholarship criteria can be found at

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