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Diana Kostoff, Pharm.D., BCPS, BCOP, pharmacy coordinator, Hematology/Oncology Ambulatory Pharmacy Services, Henry Ford Hospital and Cancer Institute and co-chair, MSHP Ambulatory Care Pharmacy Practice Committee

The American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP)’s Practice Advancement Initiative (PAI), formerly the Pharmacy Practice Model Initiative (PPMI) was founded in 2010. Its main purpose is to empower the pharmacy team to take responsibility for medication use outcomes. In the early years of the initiative, many Michigan health-systems implemented the inpatient standards, but it became evident that the initiative had to be expanded to embrace more pharmacy practice settings, including ambulatory care services.

ASHP held an Ambulatory Care Conference and Summit in 2014 and subsequently, the Michigan Society of Health-System Pharmacists (MSHP) held its own summit the same year and as a result, formed the MSHP Ambulatory Care Pharmacy Practice Committee in 2015. Since the inception of this committee, all its yearly charges have been to advance ambulatory and transition of care (TOC) pharmacy practice in the state of Michigan. This commitment led to MSHP being awarded the 2018 ASHP Foundation PAI State Affiliate Workshop Grant.

The MSHP Ambulatory Care Pharmacy Practice Leadership Workshop occurred in June 2018 with an ASHP facilitator. The primary goals were to identify opportunities in using PAI to:

  • Leverage ambulatory and TOC pharmacy practice transformation in Michigan
  • Communicate MSHP’s strategic initiative for advancing these practices
  • Generate sustained interest and support for accomplishing practice development

Workshop attendees identified statewide priorities in ambulatory pharmacy practice focusing on:

  • Use of pharmacy extenders (technicians and learners)
  • Defining ambulatory pharmacy practice and its scope
  • Demonstrating value of ambulatory pharmacy services
  • Expansion of TOC services
  • Standardization of collaborative practice agreements (CPAs)

MSHP Board of Directors hosted a strategic planning session in September 2018 with pharmacy leaders around the state, many of which attended the workshop. Strategic plans were developed to solidify MSHP’s goals and objectives, including the incorporation of PAI initiatives into the 2019 MSHP Committee charges. Charges related to the PAI were distributed amongst various committees with the majority directed to the Ambulatory Care Pharmacy Practice Committee. These charges were included in the final report of the workshop that was submitted to ASHP.

As a result of the workshop, PAI influence and 2019 committee accomplishments, MSHP was able to demonstrate commitment and advancement to ambulatory and TOC practice in the state of Michigan with the following achievements:

  • MSHP obtained baseline data about ambulatory care and TOC practices as well as after residency training in the state of Michigan. This statewide data can be used to track practice advancement and help health-systems identify areas of improvement.
  • MSHP endorsed the advancement of pharmacy extenders by promoting the availability of structured technician training programs and pursued implementation of regulatory changes that will allow technician product verification in health-systems so more pharmacist resources can be dedicated to ambulatory, TOC or other PAI initiatives. In addition, the Ambulatory Care Pharmacy Practice Committee collected and disseminated examples of innovative use of pharmacy extenders in an article published in the April 2019 MSHP Monitor. The Residency Committee also conducted a Preceptor Needs Assessment survey to assess current and desired level of knowledge, skill or experience on a variety of topics, which included residents, students and technicians as practice model extenders.
  • MSHP supported the development and publication of a White Paper authored by members of the Ambulatory Care Pharmacy Practice and Residency Committees and Transitions of Care Task Force. This paper will define ambulatory pharmacy practice and its scope and value.
  • MSHP restructured educational programs to target best practices and to demonstrate value of capturing outcomes. Two sessions at the 2019 Annual MSHP meeting focused on outcomes and a TOC Summit is being planned for 2020.
  • MSHP has gathered more interest from pharmacists, residents and pharmacy technicians within our state to become engaged in these initiatives. The Ambulatory Care Pharmacy Practice Committee has grown from 12 members to 20 since the workshop.
  • MSHP continues to share all accomplishments with our members through the MSHP Monitor.

The MSHP Ambulatory Care Pharmacy Leadership workshop was an engaging and empowering one-day event with lasting implications. It identified ambulatory and TOC practices to be shared and developed for health-systems in Michigan. The impact of the workshop influenced MSHP’s committee activities for 2019 and beyond. As ASHP rolls out its PAI 2030 initiative, MSHP will continue to dedicate resources to support the PAI in our state. 

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