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Curtis Smith, Pharm.D.
Professor at Ferris State University College of Pharmacy and Pharmacist with MSU Trauma Service at Sparrow Health System
Member Since: September 2000


Something interesting about yourself that you would like to share: I graduated from pharmacy school with Dianne Malburg, MPA chief operating Officer and MSHP executive vice president. My first pharmacy job was as an intern in health-system pharmacy at Memorial Medical Center (now Spectrum Health) in Ludington.

Describe Your Role/Day In the Life: My primary clinical role is as a pharmacist on the MSU Trauma Service at Sparrow Health System in Lansing. This entails evaluating and improving drug therapy in all patients admitted to the trauma service, as well as trauma and surgical intensive care patients. In my academic role I teach P4 students who are completing their internal medicine APPEs. This entails reviewing all of their patients on a daily basis and teaching them pharmacotherapy management of common inpatient medicine disease states.

Why You’re an MSHP/MPA Member: I believe that in order to fully develop their professional identity, pharmacists need to interact with other pharmacists outside of their normal work environment on a local and state level. This is best done by joining and being active in a professional association. Since MSHP and MPA are recognized nationally as top state pharmacy organizations, it makes sense to become a member so I can collaborate professionally with my colleagues locally and across the state. Also, our voices are stronger when we join together and champion the causes that are most important to pharmacists in Michigan. Finally, being a member has given me the opportunity to improve my leadership skills and advance the profession that has provided a fulfilling career for me for over 30 years.

Recent Accomplishments: MSHP President (2020), Ernie Koch Striving for Excellence Award (2019), Fellow, American College of Clinical Pharmacy (2016), Michigan Pharmacist of the Year (2011)

How MSHP/MPA Has Helped You Achieve Any Accomplishments: MSHP has provided me an outlet to serve health-system pharmacists in the state and that has culminated in my election to serve as President of the organization. Since the Ernie Koch award is for commitment to a local pharmacy association, the MPA has given me the privilege to serve my local Capital Area Pharmacists Association colleagues for almost 20 years. Without the association, I would not have had these valuable leadership opportunities.

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