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With the increased visibility of concerns over the pharmacy workplace environment appearing in the media and other forums, MPA is moving forward with the creation of the MPA Task Force on the Pharmacy Workplace Environment.

The Task Force will be looking at all pharmacy practice settings. The charges include to review existing Institute for Safe Medication Practices guidelines and/or recommendations and identify how they can be implemented across practice settings, review how reduced pharmacy reimbursement impacts the workplace environment, identify strategies to prevent common errors, make recommendations on strategies to address pharmacy and pharmacy technician resiliency, identify best practices to be implemented in the various practice settings and consider other patient-safety and pharmacist and pharmacy technician related issues.

The Task Force will be comprised of individuals from the various pharmacy practice settings. Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians interested in serving on the Task Force are asked to apply to MPA by sending an email with the subject - “Pharmacy Workplace Environment Task Force” to MPA CEO Larry Wagenknecht. Please include your resume/CV and a brief statement of why you have interests in serving on this Task Force. The Task Force will be officially appointed by the MPA Executive Board.

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