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MPA now uses Gongwer to track legislation that has been introduced in the Michigan Legislature. Gongwer is a legislative news outlet that has been communicating political activism since 1906. The service allows us to track legislation and share the information with our members in real time. To learn more about a piece of legislation, you can click on the links included in the tracker.

MPA also updates positions taken by the Executive Board on legislation, as needed. You may notice that there are many items being tracked that are health care related, but are not pharmacy bills. This occurs so that we can keep an eye on bills that could affect the pharmacy practice, ensuring our voice is heard in protecting patients and the pharmacy profession.


Click here to learn more about the bills that MPA is currently following. Explore the different bills and gain greater insight into legislation that may affect your practice and your patients. Have questions about any of the legislation? Please contact Amanda Lick, MPA manager of advocacy, governmental and regulatory affairs, at

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