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I started as a front-end/HBA coordinator at a 10-store independent chain pharmacy and was asked to move into the pharmacy shortly thereafter. I’ve always been interested in the medical field and have also worked as a certified nursing assistant, a receptionist in a chiropractor’s office and as the front office coordinator for an endocrinology practice. Early in my career, the timing just wasn’t right for me to move on to pharmacy or nursing school and practicing as a technician offered me a secure position that allowed me to remain in the medical field.

I was recruited to work in the pharmacy in 1990 by a wonderful mentor (Clyde Furuta) who taught me about every aspect of pharmacy and encouraged me to run with it as far as I could. I took a short course at Bi-County Hospital, studied independently and took the exam that was provided by MPA at the time. I became certified by the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board in 1997. I was with M & R Drugs for two years, Manella Chiropractic for one year, the Endocrinology and Diabetes Center of Port Huron for five years, and then took one year off to spend with my new baby. I have since been with Ehardt’s Pharmacy & Medical Supply since 1997. I think having been on both the prescriber and pharmacy side has given me some special insight and advantages and has helped me facilitate operations and communications between the practices.

Advocating for and educating my patients truly makes my day. I thrive on solving a problem that everyone has given up on or not even bothered to tackle. Something as simple as helping a patient set up a medication dispenser for home use or as complex as helping them apply for patient assistance programs, finding more affordable medication alternatives or assisting with prior authorizations gives me great satisfaction at the end of the day!

I was feeling boxed in and stagnant at my current position and I wanted to explore new opportunities and challenge myself to get out of that box by doing something different and maybe even a little uncomfortable. I had been attending the MPA Annual Convention & Exposition regularly for several years. I was committed to having the technician licensure law passed and wanted to be more involved in making that happen. With the passing of this law, it is now more important than ever for technicians to become invested in their profession; this is no longer just a “job.” Membership in MSPT/MPA gives you access to many resources and opportunities for you to maximize your personal and professional development.

Outside of pharmacy, I have been an active member at my children’s schools by serving as a member and president of the Parent-Teacher Association and Band Boosters and as a dedicated sports mom. Currently, I serve as a clinic volunteer and as a Board trustee of the Caring Hearts Health Clinic, which provides free health care to residents of Sanilac County. I am also a member of the Michigan Volunteer Registry. Within MPA, I have served on the MSPT Executive Committee since 2012, the Patient Safety Task Force in 2013 and as a guest member of the Michigan Society of Community Pharmacists Board since 2014.

I have been a “summer brat” resident of the lakeshore village of Lexington my entire life and made it my permanent home with my husband and daughters in 1994, where, ironically, I love the beach but hate the sand. I am an avid reader and like nothing better than to sit on the deck and devour a good book on a sunny day.

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