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Wayne State University (WSU) has been awarded funding for the proposed Urban Center of Antimicrobial Resistance, Discovery, Education and Stewardship (UCARDES). This innovative project is being funded through the President’s Research Enhancement Program – Integrative Bioscience, the university’s special interior funding initiative created to support interdisciplinary research focused on major challenges affecting the quality of life across urban communities. 

Detroit and urban centers are considered “ground-zero” for drug-resistant infections that are difficult to treat for many reasons. The new project, UCARDES, is tasked with addressing the problems of drug resistance through coordination of multidisciplinary efforts, including antibiotic research and development, novel uses for existing drugs, antimicrobial stewardship, infection prevention and management, and community engagement.  

This immense project will involve multiple regional health systems and organizations such as Detroit Medical Center, Henry Ford Health System, Oakwood Hospital, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services and the Veterans Affairs Medical Center. The UCARDES team will include scientists, physicians, nurses, pharmacists, engineers, behaviorists and social workers. Funding of just under $900,000 for three years is aimed at creating team-science synergies and developing interdisciplinary educational and training programs for students, research fellows and faculty. A key goal for sustained success will be obtaining external funding for an urban research agenda through government, foundations and corporate sources. 

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