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Conjoined Twin Conundrum

Posted on September 13, 2019 in: Innovative Practice

By John Carr, CRT, clinical business analyst, Senior-ClinDoc Application Team, Michigan Medicine, Ann Arbor; Heather Somand, Pharm.D., BCPS, director of inpatient applications, Michigan Medicine, Ann Arbor When you think of conjoined twins, news reports probably pop into your mind with pictures of babies connected in some way or another. You may wonder how the parents hold and nurture...

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Nancy JW Lewis, Pharm.D., MPH adjunct associate research scientist University of Michigan College of Pharmacy Consultant, Program Design and Research, Transcend the Binary   Stuart Rockafellow, Pharm.D. consultant pharmacist Northern Physicians Organization   Jack Earls patient advocate and peer counselor Transcend the Binary   Brayden A. Misiolek executive director/oo...

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Advancing Pharmacy Services

Posted on November 15, 2018 in: Innovative Practice

By John S. Clark, Pharm.D., M.S, BCPS, FASHP, associate chief of pharmacy, Michigan Medicine, Ann Arbor; clinical associate professor, University of Michigan College of Pharmacy, Ann Arbor and president-elect, Michigan Society of Health-System Pharmacists What does advancing pharmacy services mean to you? Advancing the professional goals of pharmacists? Advancing the technology in pharmacy? Fancy...

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By Mary Beth O’Connell, Pharm.D., BCPS, FASHP, FCCP, FNAP, AGSF, professor, Wayne State University Eugene Applebaum College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Detroit Every year, disasters and public health threats affect various populations and geographical areas. Since 1953, Michigan has experienced 37 disasters (see Figure 1).1 During disasters and threats, healthcare is needed to meet...

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By Rebecca Maynard, Pharm.D., director of pharmacy, Ascension Borgess Medical Center, Kalamazoo When asked how we demonstrate our value as health-system pharmacists and pharmacist extenders, most of us would respond with the work we do performing direct patient care on a day-to-day basis. We know that our patients are better off because we are part of their care team, from making sure they have t...

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