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Michigan Pharmacists Association (MPA) provides members with valuable news and information through publications, social media and an annual survey regarding the salaries and benefits of pharmacy professionals in the state. In addition, MPA offers advertising opportunities to assist businesses with reaching a large audience of pharmacy professionals, and the Association and pharmacists around Michigan are willing to serve as a resource to the media when issues regarding pharmacy practice and other key health care topics are in the news.

Visit the pages below to access valuable news and publications.

Advertising Opportunities
Visit this page to access information about the Association's advertising opportunities. We offer advertising in a wide variety of publications, on our law mobile applications and on the Web site as well as through our affiliated YourMembership job board.

Classified Listings
Visit this page to browse through current job openings that companies have posted through MPA. In addition, access our YourMembership board for other state, regional and national job listings.

Economic Survey
Visit this page to access results of the annual Michigan Pharmacy Economic Survey. This annual survey conducted by the Association provides valuable salary and benefit information for pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, student pharmacists and employers.

Media Center
Visit this page if you're a member of the media looking for details on what MPA does, who we represent and how you can get in touch with a member of our team to request an interview.

Pharmacy News
Visit this page to read through the latest pharmacy news, including information specific to MPA members, professional practice and regulatory updates, pharmacy law changes, recent medication approvals and more.

Photo Gallery
Visit this page to browse through MPA's latest event photos, like or comment on them, and share them with your friends and family on your favorite social media sites.

Visit this page to access archives of MPA's member publications, including Michigan Pharmacist journal, MPA E-news, practice section newsletters and more.

Social Media
Visit this page to find out how you can locate the Association and its affiliates on social media sites. MPA has various Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and a LinkedIn group for members.