Patient Complaints


If you experience a situation in which a pharmacist, in your opinion, has behaved unethically, please complete and submit this form. The complaint will then be processed by the Ethics and Practice Commission of the Michigan Pharmacists Association (MPA), the Association's judicial division.

MPA is the state professional society of pharmacists. Pharmacist members of the Association subscribe to a Code of Ethics, including peer review of professional practices and standards.

MPA is not the licensing body for pharmacists. Any licensing complaint should be submitted to the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) at,4601,7-154-72600---,00.html, call the toll-free Complaint Hotline at (800) 882-6006 or send a written complaint to:

Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs

Investigations & Inspection Division – Complaint Intake Section

P.O. Box 30670

Lansing, MI 48909

Phone: (517) 373-9196

The personal and professional rights of all parties are recognized as the Commission administers the complaint according to established policies and procedures. The Michigan Pharmacists Association considers the privacy of your health information to be one of the most important elements in our relationship with you. Our responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of your health information is one that we take very seriously. We have taken the following steps to protect your privacy: we train our staff members on their responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of your health information and hold them accountable for their actions. We do not sell your information to any organization.

The time required for the hearing and review process will vary, depending on the nature and scope of the complaint depending on the responsiveness of the pharmacist identified in the complaint. Many cases require a couple of months before the review is completed. If the case requires further fact-finding, you will receive progress reports. A final report of the disposition of the case will be forwarded to you.

Please complete this complaint with as much information and detail as possible. Be sure to print out a copy for your files. If you have additional questions, please contact Larry Wagenknecht, MPA chief executive officer, at

Patient Complaint

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