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Michigan Preceptor Development2022-10-27T09:47:20-04:00

The Michigan Pharmacists Association (MPA) and Michigan Society of Health System Pharmacists (MSHP) provide multiple opportunities for preceptor development and professional development.

Click on the preceptor qualification link below to learn more.  Information on this site can be used by preceptors or residency program directors to enhance preceptor training and/or to provide activities which foster professional growth.  Some of the suggestions below require MPA membership and others are also open to non-members.

Refer to the American Society of Health System Pharmacists (ASHP) website for the most current preceptor qualifications.
Clinical Teaching Role & Ability to Assess Performance2022-09-28T13:30:25-04:00

MPA and MSHP provide education sessions and webinars directed at improving preceptor teaching skills and assessing a trainee’s performance.  Popular topics include:

  • Improving the quality of feedback
  • Evaluating the quality of preceptor feedback
  • Teaching across generations
  • Burnout and Resilience
  • How to design resident activities to meet rotation objectives and evaluate competency

If you would like to volunteer to present a topic related to the clinical teaching role, complete the volunteer form here.

Recognition in Area of Practice2022-09-28T13:29:49-04:00

MPA and MSHP provide opportunities for preceptors to be recognized for their area of practice and their service at the local, state and national levels.  The Fellow of MPA Award recognizes an individual’s achievements and dedication to the practice of pharmacy and the community. To be recognized as a Fellow of MPA, qualified individuals excel in three areas: professional actions in practice, public service and pharmacy association participation, all of which help define a well-rounded pharmacist. Additionally, active participation in MPA and MSHP help fulfill the ASHP qualifications for Fellow status with ASHP.

MPA and MSHP recognition opportunities include:

  • Fellow of MPA
  • MPA Awards:  A preceptor may be eligible for an award, recognizing their expertise or community service.
  • MSHP Awards: A preceptor may be eligible for an award recognizing their expertise or community service.
A list of all awards along with their nomination forms can be found here.
Active in Established Practice Area2022-09-20T14:15:51-04:00

MPA and MSHP committees and task forces provide opportunities for active involvement in one’s established areas of practice.  Membership of these groups is appointed, as indicated in the organization’s By-Laws.  A list of volunteer opportunities and applications can be found below:

If you are interested in volunteering to present an education session in your area of expertise, submit an education session application found here


MPA and MSHP provide opportunities for preceptors to demonstrate their continued professional development.  These include:

  • Providing an education session at an MPA or MSHP meeting for pharmacists or technicians
  • Active participation on a MPA or MSHP Committee, Task Force or Board of Directors
  • Election to the MPA or ASHP House of Delegates, or serving as an Alternate Delegate
  • Serving as a committee chairperson or co-chairperson
  • Serving as a moderator or monitor at education sessions
  • Participating in community service events
  • Writing an article for the MPA Journal or MSHP Monitor
  • Participation in the MPA Health Leadership Academy

If you are interested in volunteering to present an education session in your area of expertise, submit an education session application found here.

Become a Member of MPA2022-09-20T14:17:42-04:00

Become a Member of MPA

Pharmacy preceptors (including pharmacy residents) have the opportunity to become involved with the Michigan Pharmacists Association (MPA) and its practice sections (Consultant Pharmacists Society of Michigan, Michigan Society of Community Pharmacists and Michigan Society of Health-System Pharmacists).

  • Why Be a Member of MPA?
    • Provides a great way to network with other health-system pharmacists in Michigan
    • Provides the opportunity to learn about issues facing pharmacy and how to solve them
    • Gives you an avenue to impact the profession
    • Creates opportunities for publicaton by writing articles for various Association initiatives
    • Provides opportunities to serve as presenters at Association events
  • How Do I Become a Member?
    • Join online, or call the MPA office at (517) 484-1466. Be sure to choose a practice section or affiliated chapter with your membership! Residents can join the Association at a reduced rate.
  • How Can I Get Involved?
    • MPA and MSHP have a variety of Committees, all of which provide great opportunities for residents as well!
    • After you’ve become a member, if you’re interested in an MPA Committee or MSHP Committee, complete the respective interest form online by following one of the links below
  • What Does it Take to Be Involved in a Committee?
    • The Membership and Public Affairs Committees are combined with the MSHP Committees and they meet during MSHP Committee Day in January and May. Committee Day is typically held in Lansing. Other MPA Committees schedule their own meetings.

Preceptor Development Webinars

Leadership Development

The Michigan Pharmacy Foundation Health Professional Leadership Academy is an excellent year-long program that is aimed at developing a class of practitioners equipped and motivated to lead others and their profession in the years ahead.

Click here for additional details.

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