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Click on the black bars below to access information about our staff and their responsibilities. You must be a member to access direct contact information for individual staff members. You can also visit the Contact page to send a general message to the Association and it will be directed to the appropriate person.

Reporters, please contact Mary Beth Wardell, MPA communications manager.

Executive Office

Mark Glasper, chief executive officer
E-mail:; Ph: (517) 377-0226
Contact: American Pharmacists Association (APhA) delegation, Consultant and Specialty Pharmacists of Michigan (CSPM), CSPM Board of Directors, federal legislation, lobbying efforts, Michigan Pharmacy Political Action Council (PAC), Michigan Society of Community Pharmacists (MSCP), MSCP Board of Directors, Michigan Society of Pharmacy Technicians (MSPT), MSPT Executive Committee, MPA Ethics and Practice Commission, MPA Executive Board, MPA operations, pharmacy law, pharmacy technician certification program, state and federal legislation
AlexAndria (Alex) Halcomb, executive office administrator
E-mail:; Ph: (517) 377-0222
Contact: Administrative support to MPA Executive Board and Committees, Practice Sections, elections, CEO administrative support, general administration, special projects
Katherine (Katie) Kosmider, administrative assistant
E-mail:; Ph: (517) 377-0222
Contact: Administrative support to MSHP Board of Directors, MPF Board of Directors, PSI Board of Directors, product orders, special projects 

Finance & Administration

Dave Laczynski, controller
E-mail:; Ph: (517) 377-0239
Contact: financial obligations of MPA and affiliated organizations, employee benefits, bankcard services, EFT payments, financial obligations, invoices, local association payments

Jennifer Mora, director of finance and administration
E-mail:; Ph: (517) 377-0239
Contact: accounting, human resources, information technology, building operations



Amy Perez, accounting services assistant
E-mail:; Ph: (517) 377-0235
Contact: accounts payable and receivable; dues classifications, billings and payments


Marketing & Communications

Bryan Freeman, director of marketing and communications
E-mail: BryanFreeman@MichiganPharmacists.orgPh: (517) 377-0257
Contact: advertisements, partnerships, sponsorships, exhibitor management 
Mary Beth Wardell, communications manager
E-mail: Marybeth@MichiganPharmacists.orgPh: (517) 377-0232
Contact: publications, website and its functionality, media contact, social media,
MSHP Publications Committee, public relations, technician training publications


Meetings & Education

Alisha Swanchara, director of education
:; Ph: (517) 377-0225
Contact: Annual Convention & Exposition, certificate programs, continuing education activities and event registrations, MPA Education Task Force, Michigan Society of Health-System Pharmacists (MSHP) Annual Meeting, MSHP Educational Affairs Committee, Northern Michigan Pharmacy Education and Suppliers Seminar, U.P. Fall Seminar, speaker information and program proposals, webinars


Professional Affairs

  Farah Jalloul, director of professional development & state pharmacy emergency preparedness coordinator
E-mail:; Ph: (517) 377-0224
Contact: Emergency preparedness activities, mass dispensing plans, pharmacy response efforts, MI Volunteer recruitment efforts, professional practice, patient-focused initiatives, pharmacy law questions, MPA Third Party Committee, MSHP Transition of Care Task Force, pharmacy business services, PSI programs, Community Pharmacy Enhancement Services Network (CPESN)


Government Affairs

  Brian Sapita, director of government affairs
:; Ph: (517) 377-0254
Contact: state and federal legislation, Michigan Pharmacy Political Action Council (PAC), PAC fundraising, Pharmacy Action Response Team (PART), Michigan Board of Pharmacy, pharmacy law, building management and rental operations


Spencer Higgins, Membership Development Manager
E-mail:; Ph: (517) 377-0259
Contact: membership recruitment and retention, benefits and services, membership data and updates, MPA/MSHP Membership Committee, Local Association Development Committee, local association liaison, MPF Health Professional Leadership Academy, MPF fundraising, annual giving and capital campaign, MPF Committees, scholarship and grants, database integrity

Scott Walsh, Director of Membership
E-mail:; Ph: (517) 377-0259

PSI Insurance Agency

  Ron Devers, agency manager
:; Ph: (517) 377-0250
Contact: agency operations, commercial insurance, customer relations and service, marketing initiatives, personal insurance, planned charitable giving

  Ellen Rodriguez, account manager
:; Ph: (517) 377-0228
Contact: commercial insurance, customer relations and service, personal insurance