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Welcome to Our New Web site

Who to Contact

Due to the significant changes in Web site architecture, the workflows for data coming in through forms and other updates, we know that there may be some hiccups. If you see a problem or think something should be edited or enhanced, let us know by e-mailing MPA Director of Communications Leah Ball at We will do our best to meet your expectations.

In addition, please utilize the following contacts for other questions or concerns:

General Questions
Call (517) 484-1466, e-mail 
or complete our contact form online

Membership Questions
(Joining, Renewing
or Benefits)

Mike Wolf, director of
membership, at 
(517) 377-0231 or

Site Functionality
Problems or Content Edits

Leah Ball, director of communications, at
(517) 377-0232 or

Michigan Pharmacists Association (MPA) is pleased to announce the launch of our new Web site! This site represents a culmination of a large amount of work by members of staff and external contractors. We’re excited to share with our pharmacy professional members some new functionality and improved site navigation that we hope will enhance user experience.

One of the most critical features of our new Web site is something that is occurring behind the scenes. While you may not see these functions, they are helping to make MPA a more efficient organization. The Web site integrates with our membership database, Microsoft Customer Relationship Manager (CRM), decreasing the amount of manual entry required by staff. Each time a member makes a donation, renews their membership, registers for an event or purchases a product, information will be automatically tracked in their membership or contact record, whereas previously staff was entering this information manually after orders came in through the Web site.

In addition, users are able to take advantage of advanced payment options, including recurring monthly, quarterly or annual payments for donations, or the traditional one-time payment. Connection to our CRM database also allows specific forms to pre-populate with user information based on their contact record.

This initial release of the site in August 2014 included the following:

  • All-new design
  • Search functionality to assist you with navigating the new site and locating specific information
  • Improved navigation, including sidebar navigation on internal pages to assist users with easily identifying their next move
  • New, streamlined MPA membership sign-up and renewal forms connected to MPA’s Microsoft CRM database
  • New Michigan Pharmacy Foundation and Michigan Pharmacy Political Action Council donation forms connected to MPA’s Microsoft CRM database, including recurring monthly, quarterly and annual payment options as well as the traditional one-time payment
  • User profile management, including an easy-to-use form to update your profile information and manage payment types

New Features
In November 2014, we launched new event features! This includes an easy-to-use registration form to sign up for MPA webinars, the Annual Convention & Exposition and other upcoming events. A new calendar design also allows you to easily scroll through months and discover opportunities to earn continuing education, get involved in your local association by joining their next meeting and more.

Upcoming Features
In addition to the items listed above, we will be rolling out functionality over the coming months, so stay tuned for more exciting, new features, including improved search functionality; event registration; continuing education (CE) programs and testing; our online store; and the legislative center that allows users to take action on issues affecting pharmacy. In the interim, users will be linked to our old Web site to register for events, complete CE posttests for home study programs and purchase online store products.

MPA will keep members informed about other features and enhancements as they become available. The Association hopes that you like the new site and we look forward to enhancing our communication with you in the coming year using this fantastic new resource. Please take advantage of our user guide and other resources available below to assist you with navigating the new site and other key features.

Important Resources