Why Join MPA?

Why Join MPA?

The most effective way that you can give back to the profession and address the issues facing your daily practice is through membership in Michigan's only professional pharmacy association.

As an MPA member, you are part of the powerful force that is driving the profession of pharmacy in Michigan (and beyond). Without the support and dedication of members who share their expertise, volunteer their time to serve in leadership roles and care for patients day-in and day-out, MPA would not be able to help shape the future of the pharmacy profession.

Why Else?  Return On Investment (ROI)!

Based on the value of these real benefits offered by the Association, the potential return on investment in your MPA membership is almost $15 for every $1 spent!

Lobbying on your behalf

Annual Convention & Exposition savings

MPA Continuing Education Symposium savings

Certificate Programs savings

Michigan Pharmacist Journal

Leadership opportunities and professional reputation

Networking value at local, section and MPA events

MPA E-news / Executive Update / Legislative updates / Other publications

Access to pharmacy experts for law and regulatory questions

Membership in practice section with further networking, events and publications

Tax savings on travel for conferences and travel discounts

Average household insurance savings

TOTAL MEMBERSHIP VALUE (Return on Investment)












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