Please consider adding your voice and efforts to MPA’s Pharmacy Advocacy Response Team (PART), and do your PART to advance pharmacy in Michigan and beyond! 

Sign-up for PART by emailing your name to!

The mission of PART is to increase the advocacy efforts of pharmacy professionals across the state, keeping you and your legislator up-to-date on issues that impact pharmacy practice in Michigan.

Our members are concerned citizens, community leaders and the experts that legislators turn to when they need background information on pharmacy-related issues. You can be a PART of a growing number of pharmacy professionals from all practice settings who recognize the value of being directly involved in advocating for the profession. MPA will make the necessary introductions, equip you with information and resources, and schedule appointments, legislative events or education opportunities. When there is an issue that pertains to your practice setting, we will let you know!

So, what do PART members get to do?

Participate. Each one of us has a responsibility to get involved and make a difference. MPA will provide you with opportunities to get involved on a local level!

Advocate. Don’t be silent and let others define your profession. By getting involved you have the opportunity to make your voice heard. Stand up for what you believe in as a Michigan pharmacy professional!

Respect. The best health policies cultivate respectful cooperation among allied health professions. You can be an important part of giving and receiving the respect deserved by all health care providers!

Teach. There are misconceptions about the pharmacy profession. Advocacy provides an education opportunity. You are able to inform your legislator about the important work done in your practice setting every day!

Through advocacy efforts such as education and contacting lawmakers, you will be doing your PART for your profession. If you would like more information or have questions about PART, please email Eric Roath, director of government affairs, at Together we can achieve more for your profession now and in the future.