What Is A Local Association?

Michigan Pharmacists Association (MPA) members are enrolled in a local association as part of their MPA membership to build relationships with those in certain areas of the state. You must be an active member of MPA to belong to a local association.

Local associations adopting approved bylaws and maintaining a compliant status are eligible for all privileges and services of an affiliated local association, including operational funding from the Association for each member designating that organization as their local.

If you do not select a local when signing up for your membership, MPA matches you to a local association closest to your home address on record. Those members who live in an area with no active local association (areas of the state that are white on the corresponding map) may choose any local association.

How Do I Designate my local association?

If you are unsure which local you are a part of or would like to designate a specific local, contact the MPA office at (517) 484-1466.

What is the Local Association Development Committee (LADC)?

LADC exists as a joint Committee of the House of Delegates and MPA Executive Board, with the Vice Speaker serving as chair and a minimum of six delegates with a maximum of one delegate from each active local association appointed by the Speaker. This Committee serves as a resource to assist locals in continuing to be viable organizations and maintain their compliant status. Locals forward their meeting and activity information to the MPA office throughout the year, where it is maintained, and LADC ensures that locals meet the minimum requirements to be recognized as active.

The Committee also assists those who are looking to re-activate an inactive local or start a new local. For additional information, please contact LADC at LADC@MichiganPharmacists.org.

Local Association Officers

Each local association has their own set of officers.  Please contact MPA@MichiganPharmacists.org for leadership information of a local association.  Current active locals are:

  • Capital Area Pharmacists Association

  • Genesee County Pharmacists Association

  • Jackson Area Pharmacy Association

  • Kent County Pharmacists Association

  • Macomb County Pharmacists Association

  • Great Lakes Bay Pharmacy Association

  • MPA-Upper Peninsula Division

  • Northern Michigan Pharmacists Association

  • Northwestern Michigan Pharmacists Association

  • Oakland County Pharmacists Association

  • Southwest Michigan Pharmacists Association

  • Wayne County Pharmacists Association

  • Western Michigan Pharmacy Association