One hour of Ethics and Jurisprudence is required for licensure for anyone who is renewing their license this year. The new Pharmacy General rules that went into effect in December 2020 state “(i) An applicant for license renewal shall complete at least 1 hour of the 30 required hours of continuing education in pharmacy ethics and jurisprudence”. This applies to renewals after Dec. 30, 2020.

Target Audience

This continuing education activity is intended for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. Upon completion, participants will receive continuing education credit in their CPE Monitor record where they can also access a statement of credit.

This program meets pharmacy law educational requirements for pharmacy technicians and ethics and jurisprudence educational requirements for pharmacists.


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It is important for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to always uphold their professional integrity and aim to provide the best service to their patients. This entails keeping abreast of new information that can influence their choice and, when appropriate, making use of the public’s trust in the pharmacy profession to advance public health. A road map for an ethical decision-making process has been supplied by our courses, which meet the Ethics and Jurisprudence requirements set forth by the State of Michigan.