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MPA is excited to launch a new partnership with Dr. Helen Sairany. The Trauma-Informed Workforce Certificate Training Program is a catalyst for personal transformation, enabling you to forge deeper connections with yourself, your work and your team.

Roughly 70% of Americans report experiencing some type of trauma. Two thirds of young adults in the United States suffer a traumatic experience by the time they are 18. From the time they leave high school to start their postgraduate training, pharmacists have experienced tragedy, loss, neglect, or abuse. The social, emotional, and mental impact of this trauma surfaces and is often exacerbated due to the stress of unbearable work conditions. When healthcare experience trauma, collaboration and innovation come second to feeling safe.

In this seminar, participants will develop a foundation for creating a trauma-informed practice that can have a greater impact on them, their patients and those in their charge. This seminar is designed to promote higher job satisfaction, better work-life integration, and less burnout for participants and their employees, resulting in a more informed and compassionate workforce.

Held four times each year, the first live session offerings are quickly approaching in July and August. This comprehensive training consists of 12 modules and a live seminar led by Dr. Sairany. To register or learn more, click here.


July 23 @ 7:00 pm
August 18 @ 12:00 pm
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