The Michigan Pharmacy Political Action Council (PAC), was created in 1968 as a voluntary, nonpartisan, 527 Political Committee of pharmacy professionals who actively sought to promote good government and public health. Pharmacy PAC resulted from the consolidation of the Michigan Apothecaries Political Action Council (MA-PAC), a group of concerned pharmacists who banded together in an effort to share their knowledge of political activities, and Pharmacy Political Action (PPA), who completed a special campaign during 1973-74 to achieve specific objectives in the pharmacy profession.

As the profession has developed and faced new challenges, Pharmacy PAC has adapted to defend the relevant professional interests of pharmacy. Contributions to Pharmacy PAC allow our legislative team to support legislators, participate in important events and speak on behalf of pharmacy’s interests. We need to constantly stay active, keeping issues that are important to pharmacists on the minds of elected officials and establish relationships with legislators, especially those who are new to office.

Contributions also support annual legislative events that encourage student pharmacists and pharmacy professionals to spend face-to-face time with legislators, educating them on important practice concerns, and that inform pharmacy professionals of legislative changes that impact their everyday actions. Pharmacy PAC supports pharmacy-friendly legislative candidates, advocates on behalf of the profession of pharmacy, and creates a united voice to help safeguard the everyday practice of pharmacy professionals.

Over the years, Pharmacy PAC has organized many events to raise funds and encourage pharmacists’ involvement in advocacy efforts. In addition, every two years, Pharmacy PAC holds a Campaign School to educate those interested in running for public office on what’s involved, right down to how it could impact their family. Pharmacy PAC is dedicated to ensuring the future of pharmacy by encouraging pharmacists to be active in protecting their own profession, providing venues for pharmacy professionals to have one-on-one time with legislators, helping interested health care providers get up to speed on what’s involved in campaigning and more. Be sure to visit the Pharmacy PAC Events page to read more about these activities and how you can get involved.

In addition, Federal Pharmacy PAC was established by MPA to provide members with access to key legislators who have the ability to fight on behalf of the profession. Federal legislation can have a substantial impact on the profession of pharmacy nationwide. By becoming active on a national level, pharmacists demonstrate to congressional leaders that they're taking a proactive approach to securing the future of pharmacy.

Pharmacy PAC Board of Directors
The Pharmacy PAC Board of Directors provides assistance to MPA and Michigan Pharmacy PAC in organizing legislative events and fundraising activities.

Officers are elected by the PAC Board. If you are interested in serving on the PAC Board or if you have any questions, please contact Larry Wagenknecht, MPA chief executive officer, at (517) 377-0226 or Larry@MichiganPharmacists.org.

 2017 Pharmacy PAC Board of Directors

Deborah Sopo, chair
Jerika Nguyen
Hank Fuhs, Federal PAC chair Amy Parker
Larry Wagenknecht, secretary Andrew Reeves
Michael Bouckaert
Brooke Roe
Sandra Chase
Eric Ross
Stephen Ehardt
Timothy Stiff
Pang Hang
Andrew Stone
Sara Kolc
Alex Mchawrab

Laura McKeown

Paul Miron